Saturday, August 7, 2010

Silver Phoenix and.....

I got it!

Original cover on the hardback version of Silver Phoenix.
This was a book that I was waiting for paperback to come out.

I was sad when I saw the posts about the new paperback cover (not only whitewashed, but generic)

But, through a strange and eerie combination of events (not so strange, but I turned 50-and that feels awkward...FIFTY!)...

I received a gift card for a small independant bookstore (Copperfield's) for my birthday, that almost wasn't given to me, because my other family members thought they had closed down all their stores in my city (a result of B&N moving in right next door to their downtown location)...

No! I said - they have an online option anyway!!!!!
So the giftcard was given to me.

When I thought about this cover being changed, I thought well, might as well order it now, and happily and conveniently this giftcard would pay for most of the hardback price!

So I ordered it online through Copperfield's.

But, they were out of stock,yet they ordered it for me; of course then I started worrying that they wouldn't be able to get it, because someone had heard the publisher wasn't going to release anymore of the hardback versions...

But the book came in, I received an e-mail and even though I was - AM - still suffering from this obnoxious summer cold that just won't let go of me....

I packed up the granddaughter (who spends a couple nights with us every week) and got my self together long enough to drive downtown (because - thankfully there still was ONE store open in my city) and found the bookstore (after asking a woman who was walking around this huge outside mall called Montgomery Village).

Where I proceeded to spend an EXTRA $15.00 on two childrens books because my granddaughter was with me and she's so cute when we go to the bookstore.

She walks around, saying stuff like, "Grandma - lets go find you a book" and actually tries to find a book for me - looking at covers that resemble the books she sees at my house (she's smart)

Then, it's "grandma, now let's go see the kid section. Let's look around a little bit", & "ooh, this is so cute..."

See how she works me? What's so cute about it is she's three and still looks like she's two, but talks like she's FIVE.

There, in Copperfields, is four or five tables of hardback books that are prices from $4.99 to $7.99.
That's amazing, since children's hardback books can go for as much as $20.00 or more.

So we buy two - one of them is a POC book called "the little red fish" by Taeeun Yoo.

The other is a little old for her, but we can skim most of the text and just read the descriptions of the pictures..."The Secret World of Magic" by Rosalind Kerven & Wayne Anderson.

We have, of course, already read both the children's books.

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