Friday, August 6, 2010

memo to Borders

I wrote a quick memo to Borders the other day - regarding stocking books with more diverse colors on the covers - as well as authors (of course).

I was limited on content - so I had to cut some of it, their form only allowed a certain amount of characters and I was sick, so I had a hard time even finding that form.

Anyway, the letter is here - yes, you need to click on the link. For some reason, Blogger does not let me past anything I've copied. I can only upload and don't know how to upload anything but pictures. Sometimes I accidently upload a video, but I usually promptly forget how I did it. (figures)

I encourage others to continue writing letters and voicing your concerns about the lack of diversity in even our bookstores.

For great information and other blogs that are fonts of information

Color Online the link goes to a post of links
Reading in Color link goes to a letter "Miss Attitude" wrote
Happy Nappy Bookseller - Doret has lots of great links on her sidebar and has lots of recommendations for wonderful books
Asia in the Heart - for another view of POC reading

There's more - lots more, but I'm still sick, so look at those blogs - they have even more links.

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