Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday Books!

I am so lucky.

I just hit 50 year old.

Still feel 17, and, it never fails, when I get a surprise look at myself in the mirror, I am flabbergasted that I look NOT 17 years old, but around 50.

It NEVER ceases to amaze me.

My body, on the other hand FEELS like I'm around 70.

Ah well - can't have it all, not even close.

For my birthday, I was gifted with cash, gift cards, geraniums, a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (chocoholic's DREAM CAKE) and a trip to the bookstore -not all in that order.

With some of the cash, before I received the book giftcards, I went with my future Daughter-In-Law to Borders and she bought me Black Magic Sanction.

With my birthday cash I bought for myself
The Android's Dream


Part of the luck thing - I still have two gift cards for bookstores. Which is great, because I haven't been able to find Kalayna Price's , or E. Van Lowe (Never Slow dance with a Zombie)books in the bookstore - so online ordering!
Another good thing, three of my finds today, will help me in my 2010 countdown challenge, and one will help with my YA reading challenge.


  1. I am impressed and so happy you got such a diverse and luscious list of reading. Happy Belated Birthday as well, enjoy all the books!

    Makes my mailbox post paltry in comparison.

    jackie ^_^

  2. Oh, but this was a birthday splurge! It was crazy shopping!