Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fav authors

I've been reading a pretty intense YA book by Susan Beth Pfeffer, The Dead & The Gone. It's part of her series about the aftereffects of an accident with the moon - the moon gets hit by a huge asteroid and is knocked closer to earth - causing all kinds of tragedy and disasters, immediate and long term. I find it compelling and frightening to read at the same time. It's intense.

So I'm taking a break from it to make a list of my favorite authors. I've been thinking of doing this for a long time, and I hope I don't forget any of them, because there are quite a few that I buy automatically. On the auto-buy, there are some authors that I would buy anything they write (except for shopping lists! LOL), and there are some that I enjoy only one or two of their series.

First, in alphabetical order, here are writers on my "auto-buy" list:
  1. Ann Aguirre - for the Sirantha Jax series
  2. Ilona Andrews - all (haven't been able to read the e-fiction yet)
  3. Kelley Armstrong - Women of the Otherworld & Darkest Powers (YA)
  4. Patricia Briggs - the Mercy Thompson series
  5. Meljean Brook - all so far
  6. Carolyn Crane - new series; Justine Jones, disillusionist
  7. Marianne De Pierres (aka Marianne Delacourt) - all that I've been able to read -Australia
  8. Kelly Gay - Charlie Madigan Series
  9. Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse or Southern Vampire series
  10. Kim Harrison - The Hollows (Rachel Morgan)
  11. Faith Hunter (also writes as Gwen Hunter) - urban fantasy series (Bloodring and Jane Yellowrock)
  12. Stacia Kane - mostly for her Downside Series (Chess Putnam)
  13. Caitlin Kittredge - all so far
  14. Patricia McKillip
  15. Robin McKinley
  16. Marjorie M. Liu - Hunter Kiss series
  17. Suzanne McLeod - series
  18. Kelly Meding - all so far (one so far, LOL)
  19. Devon Monk - Allie Beckstrom series
  20. Karen Marie Moning - The Fever Series (Fae Fever, Dark Fever)
  21. Vicki Pettersson - The Zodiac series
  22. Terry Pratchett - Discworld series and others
  23. Margaret Ronald - Evie Scalen series
  24. Lilith Saintcrow (aka Lili St.Crow - YA)- all so far
  25. Carrie Vaughn - Here Kitty, Kitty...
  26. Rachel Vincent - all so far...

Second - also alpha order are authors that I've enjoyed, but don't necessarily "auto-buy" (though I may be tempted - it's the whole $$$ thing) OR they used to be "auto-buy" but I've lost interest - not noting which is which, since I do still enjoy them.

  1. Jennifer Armintrout
  2. Jes Battis
  3. Jenna Black
  4. Rachel Caine
  5. Karen Chance
  6. Sara Creasy - loved her first book, only one I've read so far...
  7. Mark Del Franco
  8. Jeaniene Frost
  9. Neil Gaiman
  10. Chris Marie Green (aka Crystal Green)
  11. Simon R Green (Nightside series)
  12. Tanya Huff
  13. Jackie Kessler (newly YA as Jackie Morse Kessler) - fav so far is Helle's Bells and Black and White
  14. Richelle Mead
  15. Christopher Moore - Though I enjoy every book of his that I've read, I haven't been able to "auto-buy" them, because of the $$$$ - each book is either in h/b or tradesize ppb ($15)
  16. Adrian Phoenix - also looking forward to her new series
  17. Jennifer Rardin - Jaz Parks series - again, the mostly tradesize ppb $$$ issue
  18. Kat Richardson - Greywalker Novels - now that they are beginning to be in mpp, I might be able to catch up and buy more - yeay!
  19. Jeri Smith-Ready - also looking forward to her new YA book
  20. Jeannie Stein - Anna Strong series
  21. Rob Thurman
  22. Phaedra Weldon - the Wraith books, though the tradesize ppb $$, haven't been able to read them all.
  23. Jaye Wells

Brand new to me - Just bought (or won) and Looks very promising, or haven't read yet...

  1. Dakota Cassidy (The Accidental Human)
  2. Seressia Glass - (Shadow Blade)
  3. Jim C Hines (Goblin Quest)
  4. Jeannie Holmes (Blood Law)
  5. Nancy Holzner (Deadtown)
  6. Alaya Dawn Johnson (Moonshine)
  7. Kasey MacKenzie (Red Hot Fury)
  8. John Scalzi (The Android's Dream)

I hope I didn't forget any writers - especially in the "auto-buy" category. I noticed that there are 26 in this section - that's a lot of books to buy. No wonder I have trouble keeping up with buying them ALL!


  1. Have you tried Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series of books?

  2. I've read the first two - but wasn't that crazy for them. I actually went nuts one day and bought five of them, and then my interest just kind of petered out. I keep thinking I should go back and try reading them.