Thursday, July 8, 2010

Micro-Review Blind Spot

Blind Spot is Meljean Brook's contribution to the Must Love HellHounds Anthology. I read this short story a while ago, and forgot to post a review on it.

Meljean Brook writes these wonderful books from a series called the Guardians. They are a cross between urban fantasy and romance. The books are all intense, my favorite of them being the first full-length novel Demon Angel - featuring Lilith and Hugh. Interestingly, the beginnings of this series shows up as a short story in another anthology Hot Spell, with Colin one of the characters. Colin the Vampire, who is one of my favorite characters simply because of his extreme vanity. Ms Brook's latest novel, Demon Blood released this week.

Blind Spot is the story of Maggie Wren, Geoffrey Blake and Lilith's hellhound. Geoffrey Blake has been kidnapped - and apparently he's one of Colin's relatives. Maggie is an ex-operative who has recently started working for Colin's enterprises. She has a dark secret - something that could get her in a lot of trouble. Geoffrey has a secret also. Not only has Geoffrey been kidnapped -yet left for Maggie to find, but his sister has been kidnapped. Both of them have special talents that make them attractive to certain organizations.

You can't say much about a short story without giving out spoilers. Blind Spot is good addition to the stories of the Guardians. It's well written, with good dialogue and fun characters - especially the hellhound - Sir Pup.

Each of the books and short stories in Meljean Brook's Guardian Series feature different pairs of main characters. Each one has a continuing story arc, (overall story arc) as well as the immediate plot and romance. I've enjoyed each of the books that I've read so far.

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