Monday, May 31, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

TEASER TUESDAYS - Hosted by Miz B at Should be Reading - visit her website for complete rules/guidelines.

Once again, it's Tuesday. Or in this case, as of right this minute, it's almost Tuesday. Time for another Teaser post This time I'm giving Three (oh yeah, 3!) teasers, from three different books. 'Cause tha's how I roll, y'll (sometimes) :)

from Jasmyn, by Alex Bell
British Author
page 152

"Suddenly, the idea of swan princesses and lonely kings and enchanted voices and aggressive knights did not seem quite as preposterous as they had by the light of the day...I tore my eyes from the castle and glanced around at the surrounding trees, picking them out in the darkness. When a branch rustled somewhere close I turned my head sharply, for a moment genuinely expecting to see a huge, ornate sleigh come around the corner, complete with black horses and swans...But there was nothing there and, in another moment, everything was still."
{OMG - she's so young (Alex Bell) Born the same year as my third child, the father of my grandson....I feel so old now! :( } Alex Bell has already written at least three books.

Another book I'm currently reading is Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy
A Science Fiction novel available now
From page 91:

"As Finn turned to face Haller, the XO raised this arm and extended his spur. The weapon clicked into place, Haller's thumb flexing in preparation to fire, and Edie had no time to think.

Her mind latched onto the trigger and she jolted Finn."

This is Sara Creasy's debut novel (does not read like debut novelists used to read. This is GOOD) Sara Creasy also maintains a Blog. According the her blog, she lives in the United States. According to the back of her book, she grew up in England and also lived in Australia. I am so using her for the Typically British Reading Challenge....(should work, right?)

And finally, another book that I've been peaking at because I want to read it soon. Looks very good so far.
Touched by An Alien by Gini Koch (Rhymes with Watch) ;)
Science Fiction
From page 8
"I woke up inside the car. I was sitting up, leaning up against someone who had their arm around me....That I didn't mind made me want to turn myself over to Gloria Steinam as a real failure as a modern woman."
Sequel, Alien Tango is coming soon.
Gini Koch also maintains a blog and her website is a real treat (boy, do I sound old-fashioned there - it just slips out sometimes) .
There you have it. Three completely different writing styles by three very good authors and three very good books.


  1. Jasmyn sounds very good! (I don't read science fiction.)


  2. That line from Touched By An Alien by Gini Koch is too funny! Love it. Thanks for the peeks!!

  3. Thanks for these teasers! I'm going to put Song of Scarabaeus on my tbr list.
    I read Touched by an Aline already and LOVE it.

  4. Son of Scarabaeus is very interesting, love the feel of the book. An Touched by An Alien is going to have some chuckles in it. Love some laughs in the books.

    Jasmyn - wow, almost finished now, and there is a twisty surprise there.