Monday, May 31, 2010

puppy love

I'm in charge of my grandson for a little while today......

He's pretty quiet - never a good sign, so I look to see what he's doing. He has the bag of dog treats, (a variety, purchased bulk from Petco) sitting on the side porch. There is Skippyjon sitting quietly in front of him and there is my grandboy - just starting to take a bite of a dog biscuit.


He stops, and says in his little mangled two year old way "feed 'kippy, g'anma!"

I'm like - Yeah give Skippy one, but don't eat them! (I just fed him a wonderful quesadilla with Monterey Jack Cheese and sauteed onions - What's wrong with that boy?)

So I say, okay give Skippy one more and bring the bag back.

I take a second look and there's Skippy with six treats in a semicircle around him. the grandson brings the bag back in. I turn back around again-----

The Bag Is GONE!

Have to go see what's up

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