Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Random Recommendation

I first saw this meme on Jacabur's website, House Wife Blues. Jacabur obtained the meme from Amy of A Simple Love of Reading. Click on the button for a link to the original meme post.

Basically, you post a book (or series) that is a random recommendation - could be a book that isn't well known, or has been out for a long time. It sounds fun.
Then, of course, you link back to Amy's site with your post.

{Could I be ANY more of a Book Nerd? maybe}

My Wednesday Random Recommendation is for a series, or rather a trilogy of books by an Australian Author, Marianne De Pierres.
Book 1, Nylon Angel (2004) Book 2 Code Noir (2004) Book 3 Crash Deluxe (2005)
The books that I've read are from the Parrish Plessis series - a futuristic science fiction set in devastated version of Australia. The Media is the law and in charge of this new Australia. Parrish Plessis is a tough woman who works at all kinds of dangerous jobs - body guard, assasin, etc. This series is crazy-good. The author is pure genius. There are enhanced humans, tribes of survivors, human/shifters, shamans, magic, evil scientists, and people who live on the outskirts of society and have it very, very rough as opposed to those who live in protected areas. I need, in fact, to re-read this series. I think it's one of the best science fiction series I've ever read.
I found the books by pure chance at Borders six years ago, and they aren't stocked normally in stores in my neighborhood bookstores. You can probably find them at independant booksellers, especially the online stores, but I know for sure that you can find them at The Book Depository,, Powell's, Barnes & Noble - or you can find her other novels at - Borders does not seem to carry all of her books.
Not only does Marianne De Pierres write other Science Fiction novels, but she has a YA series out, Burn Bright and Burn Dark (coming in 2011). She also writes under the name Marianne Delacourt - a new crime series with a paranormal twist. Tara Sharp can read auras and get's involved in an "underworld situation". The first book is Sharp Shooter - not currently available in the U.S, and I've been waiting for it to be back in stock over at The Book Depository. Waiting because I don't want to spend over $29.99 (paperback!) having it shipped from Australia - being the Not-Rich person that I am.
That is my Wednesday Random Recommendation - and as usual I've gone way over the top, linking to bookstores, websites, and posting all kinds of pics - at least I stopped my self at posting only ONE version of the covers. Each book had TWO cover versions. :)


  1. You are not way over the top, but comprehensive and informative and thanks for the heads up because this sounds very very much like something else to add to my humongous wish list and it will go on there today...

    jackie b central texas

  2. Hey, thanks for joining in, and sorry that I got my post up a little late today! KIDS UGH! LOL! But I love 'em anyway! I love your post! It makes mine look rather sad in comparison! I'll have to check these out!