Tuesday, March 2, 2010

teaser tuesday

I am currently reading two books. I gave up on Dead to me for the time being. I didn't have the patience to finish reading it. I was trying- I had plans to finish it this weekend but then I came down with a fuo (fever of unknown origin) and a horrific headache, which pretty much took care of Sunday - the day I was going to finish Dead To Me. So, since the challenge I was reading it for ended on the 28th - I gave up. I'm a quitter. I'll finish it when I'm in a more patient mood. Not sure when that will be - I've been feeling might impatient lately. (peri-menopause and all that) Sorry, any men that might be reading this, but that's part of life, like it or not ( I hate it)

So more the Teaser Tuesday bit-

I'm currently reading Angelic (Kelley Armstrong) and I went back to The Dust of 100 Dogs (A.S. King).

From Angelic;

' "Glamis, thou art, and Cawdor; and shalt be what thou art promised: yet do I fear thy nature."

One of the long-haired Highland cows rolled her eyes.'

From Dust of 100 Dogs;

' "You'll be the first one to know," I answered, looking around the tattered kitchen to feel better about what she'd just said-to feel better about cutting her tongue out and feeding it to the circling sharks. "I think I'll get back to the books, then," I mumbled. I put my empty cup in the sink. '

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