Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shiny New Books - they are on the way...

Waiting on Wednesday -
Unfortunately, not on the way to my house - quite yet.

Coming soon though;
I just found the cover to Charlaine Harris's newest Sookie book titled Dead In the Family. It should be in stores on May 4th 2010. I've enjoyed all of Charlaine Harris's Sookie books. They are a very different pace then all the other urban fantasy I've been reading, but it works for the Sookie books. I think if another writer tried this style with -say, a North American setting, or New York, I would be bored silly trying to read it.

Mind Games, by Carolyn Crane is coming out March 23. I've been following (lurking-creepy, but not in a CREEPY way) on her blog for a while and I think this is going to be a pretty good book. As soon as I can, I'm buying it. You Know, for the 2010 Countdown Challenge of course. I need 9 more 2010 books. Somehow I don't thinks it's going to be difficult finding good books published in 2010. The hard thing will be limiting it to only 10. There are so many wonderful books, especially debut novels coming out.

Like Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong. This one is coming in August though (typically my poor month) I'm thinking of starting a bookbuying savings bank account. (how weird is that?) Just for Book Money. I really enjoy Kelley Armstrong's books. Even though I've been a slug about reading them (I need to play catch-up with quite a few series), I do have most of them and plan to read them all this year. Kelley Armstrong also writes YA, under the name.....Kelley Armstrong! The Darkest Powers features a young teen named Choe Saunders, who is just awakening (one of the names of the books btw) to her own abilities.
Another book is Gaslight Dogs. The author, Karin Lowachee has written other books (Warchild {there is a glossary}, Burndive, and Cagebird-winning awards for Cagebird and Warchild). I really love this cover. Why can't Bloomsbury take a clue (and other publishers) and use models that are representative of the characters within the books. This cover is definitely not whitewashed, and I think it's great cover. The model is beautiful and the wolf is a nice touch. I feel cold looking at the cover, (with the snow). I'm buying this one ASAP. Comes out March 30 - payday!

Not my normal reading material, though I usually do enjoy books by Christina Dodd, is a (ahem) historical romance novel, In Bed With a Duke. Could the title be any more obviously a romance novel? Christina Dodd, Catherine Coulter and Julie Garwood are writers that use humor in their books. So even though they are romance novelists, I do enjoy their books. This one should be available now. I might buy it- so what!?

Patricia Briggs is one of my all-time favorite Urban Fantasy writers. I have enjoyed her books ever since Moon Called first came out. That was one of those books that I idly picked up, and I've been buying all of her Mercy Thompson books since then. Because of the Mercy books, I picked up Hob's Bargain, a book that I had been eyeing for over a year at the stores. That one is pretty good. It's not urban fantasy, it's fantasy - with no clear setting. It could be set in any historical town or village. It's a hell of a book and if you come across it you should read it. It's been out for years, in fact the cover shown is not even the cover that I have. I like my cover better, this one just looks over-dramatic - like she's standing in front of a fan, saying "I will destroy you!". Not at all the flavor of the book. There is a horse in it, and a woman (main character). Some magic. I don't like this cover. (could you tell?) Patricia Briggs has written many books, before the Mercy Thompson series. She also writes the Alpha and Omega books (Cry Wolf, and Hunting Ground). Great writer.

Coming in August is L.M. Preston's The Pack a futuristic space-fiction about teens, Mars living and disappearing kids. Clicking on the title will take you to an excerpt of the novel, and a better synopsis of the The Pack. This promises to be an interesting YA book.

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