Thursday, March 4, 2010

Contest for Charlaine Harris ARC

The incomparable Suzanne McLeod is hosting a contest for an ARC written by another incomparable woman, Charlaine Harris. Her (C.H.) newest Sookie Stackhouse book is titled Dead in theFamily. (pictured below - an obvious statement, because you can probably read the title on the book).
(shameless plug follows, because I love this series)Suzanne McLeod is the author of The series, which -if you haven't read them yet, why not? You should! While you are waiting to buy the books (maybe you need to order them from the Book Depository) or waiting for them to come in the mail, head over to Suzanne's blog and enter the contest for Charlaine Harris's Dead in the Family. You can also read an excerpt of the first chapter at Charlaine's blog.