Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today is Teaser Tuesday, and as usual I'm a little late posting my tease, but that's how I roll, yo! Oops, all the kids starting rubbing off on me!

From Nicole Peeler's Tempest Rising (available now)

" 'I meant for Tracy to get off you' Grizzie said, swooping toward me to pick me up in a bodily hug, my own well-endowed chest clashing with her enormous fake bosoms. I hated being short at times like these."

Who hasn't been in this circumstance before? full-breasted and trying to hug another full breasted woman. Not sure what's more awkward, same height or being head to chest. I've been there - accidentally! (hey my whole family is well-endowed, and we're all different heights! What? you thought I meant something else? )

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