Monday, February 15, 2010

books read for reading challenges - WOOHOO!

Well, in the last three days, I've finally managed to finish reading two more books.

Personal Demons by Stacia Kane (<---click for excerpt)

Three Days to Dead by Kelly Meding.
Both were pretty kick-ass in slightly different ways. I'm writing a quick bit about each book, since I still don't feel much like sitting up at the computer.

Personal Demons - Written in the third person, at first I felt like I was going to be reading a slightly light-horror book. You know, not too heavy duty. As you on though, there is definitely some horrific moments. It's all tempered with a bit of romance and some humor. The main character, Megan is a psychologist who can see demons. She tries to keep this part of her talent quiet, but things are coming to a head for her. Her boss talks her into a radio show and after the publicity of that, things come after her, small demons, zombies, a man-sized demon (a handsome devil who's quite attractive to her) as well as a nosy reporter. Seems there is also something from her past that is catching up with her. Without getting into spoiler terrirtory (though I'm probably the last one to read this book) things get more and more intense for Megan, more horrific for her and her friends. Great book, interesting ending and some sex action. My favorite side characters are "the boys", three brother demons sent to help protect Megan. They are cockney with wonderful fashion sense. I enjoyed this book a lot, and when I was finished wondered why I waited so long to read this. I've had it for over a year, but then I do have a large TBR pile. Stacia Kane has sequel to this book out, called Demon Inside, and is also releasing a second series. The first book of the second series is called Unholy Ghosts and I'm looking forward to reading this one quite a bit.

Three Days to Dead - This book is amazing. Per the blurb for the book, Evy Stone has woken up in a dead person's body, she's been resurrected and everyone wants her dead. Written in the first person, with an interesting countdown of hours left to her at different sections, you have a sense of the passing of time and opportunity. Evy has three days to figure out what is going on, and then her time is up - again. There are quite a few twists in this story. I'm amazed at everything the Kelly Meding has come up with. There is a fresh take on Vampires and "halfies", bitten by vampires; the fey; trolls; etc. Lots of dangerous situations for Evy and anyone allied with her. Lots of action. My only complaint would be the amount of time Evy and her handler spend on arguing and feeling sorry about what happens, but then I think that's just me. It does fit with the plot and all that is going on, I'm just very impatient at times reading about emotions and feelings (Thank you very much LKH and your incessant discussions between characters). I really shouldn't let my impatience get in the way of reading a book, so as soon as I figured out where the frustration came from, I relaxed and just let the book flow. So - to recap - there are lots of action scenes, dangerous situations, heartbreak of different natures, and quite a mystery for Evy and her handler, Wyatt to solve while they are running from goblins, triads (who they used to work with) and others. If you haven't picked this book up, by all means get it and settle down for a hell of a read. There will be a sequel released, named As Lie the Dead (summer 2010)


  1. I read Personal Demons last year and I enjoyed it. Three Days to Dead sounds like a great book, will definitely look into reading that one soon. Thanks for your reviews :)

  2. Wow, you responded fast! I like that!