Sunday, August 9, 2009

Review; Dead and Gone

Book # 32 for 2009
Charlaine Harris always writes a good story. Her writing style for the Sookie Stackhouse novels reads like you would imagine a southerner talk. Slow and relaxed with some colorful metaphors.
If you have never read any of the books in this series, you might think that you won't know who some of the characters are, or what is going on; although I think anyone might be able to follow along, as there are enough quick explanations (or reminders in my case) of who is who, or what happened previously. In this novel, the weres have decided to come out to the world. As some of Sookies friends are dealing with fall-out from this, one of weres is found murdered. At the same time, Sookie's life is in danger from fairies who believe that humans of mixed blood shouldn't be allowed to live. These same fairies are fighting against her greatgrandfaterh, a fairy prince.
Sookie and Eric, one of the vampires take their relationship a little further, and Sookie finds out a little more about her family.
There are some horrible things that happen to people in Sookie's circle of acquaintances and friends, and not everyone survives. One of my favorite characters dies, I won't mention who. In fact horrible things happen to Sookie.
This book was a little darker than any of the previous Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire books. All of them have a little murder and mayhem, though they are usually light reads for me, but this one was a little darker though just as enjoyable to me as the others. Charlaine Harris is able to write a book with the main narrator sounding like a lady. Even when one of the other characters uses foul language, you don't feel like you've read a book with a lot of swearing and crudity. I'm pretty used to swearing and some crudity, being slightly foul-mouthed myself, so that kind of stuff doesn't usually bother me; I just tend to notice when someone does not use strong language. This is the type of book (regardless of the subject matter) that you wouldn't feel embarrassed loaning to an elderly neighbor or your greatgrandmother. Some of the other books I read and enjoy I would think twice about loaning out.
I'm wondering what is going to happen next for Sookie, since she and her brother have both lost people that are important to them, and some of the characters that I looked forward to reading about are gone now. What does Charlaine Harris have up her sleeve for Sookie now?

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