Monday, August 10, 2009

non-reviews and a little bit of whining

I must really be tripping this year. There are eight books I've read this year that I haven't written anything about. That was the whole purpose of me doing this blog; to write about books that I enjoyed, or sort of enjoyed. What a dweeb am I?

Maybe I'll go back to review them, but tonight - I'm fighting a cold; 'cause of course I have to go back to work this week, so I MUST catch a cold and be miserable! Can't start out the beginning of the year calling in sick, so I have to tough it out, which means more pain (but no more pain meds to help cope), and more general discomfort. I've found that when my pain spikes, it usually does not go back down to the previous level, it stays higher than it was before. All I can do is take extra ibuprofen. Part of what I have to do this week is work with books, using my hands and elbows, so it's probably going to suck, no matter how much I don't want it to. It's hard to stay positive during times like these.

On the other hand - today my 2 year old granddaughter counted to 10, many times as she was pointing to things on a bookpage. Once she gets past ten, she starts repeating numbers, but that's pretty amazing anyway. We were also working with shapes (we were reading Calico Cat Looks Around) from a reading book. On the last page there are shapes like square, circle, petal, crescent...etc. The first go around she didn't get any right. The second go around she got a few right and the third go around she got every single shape right. I'm not sure if she'll remember by tomorrow though. It's possible she might remember some, but probably not all. Makes me want to start easy words on flashcards for her, as long as it stays fun. Toddlers and preschoolers should have lots of playtime, and NO academic stress. Just playing is learning.

My husband and I will have our 30th wedding anniversary on Tuesday (August 11). He had put aside a little money to go out to dinner (we live from paycheck to paycheck). This weekend started a heatwave in our area. One of our fans had broken recently. Last night another fan wore out, and my middle son's room was so uncomfortably hot (no circulation) that he ended up going to his girlfriend's to sleep. Today my husband comes to me and asks "what would you rather do? Go out to dinner for our anniversary or buy a couple fans for the house?" This may seem like a very unromantic choice, but I picked fans. It might seem like he gave me a very unromantic choice, but he knows that I'm needing extra airflow, and I want my son to be comfortable also. So we can still go out for an icecream on our anniversary evening. We don't need the whole dinner thing, that only lasts as long as you digest it anyway. The fans will last longer!

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