Saturday, August 8, 2009

Early Review Books

I tried this new to me site called The Library Thing; a place where you can make a list of your books read, reading and to read. I noticed that they have a section called Early Reviewers where you can sign up for a book from the publisher to read and review. Some of the books have over 1,000 people requesting with 30 copies to give out, some have 200, with 15 copies to give out. For July there were over 65 different novels up for giveaways. Apparently they take a look at reviews that are submitted, how many people are requesting a certain book, what kind of books you have listed, etc and make a decision based on all of that. Well, I tried to request quite a few of the books, figuring I might get at least one book. I received nothing so far for the July requests. Not one book.

On the last day of July, I found that Goodreads also provides giveaways. I had already made an account there, but didn't realize that they held giveaways. It's a little hard to find that page. Within a week of putting in some requests, I got notice that I will be getting a book called Unfinished Desires by Gail Godwin. I normally read urban fantasy, but I remember reading a book by Gail Godwin a long time ago. I remember it being a pretty good book, so I'm glad to get a newer one by her. For the life of me though, I don't remember if I read A Southern Family or A Mother and Two Daughters. Cannot remember at all. I do remember that it was very interesting.

Other books coming up for me to read are The Devil You Know and Vicious Circle (which a certain very sweet person sent to me) as well as Dead Man's Boots (which I won from the SciFiGuy's contest).

So I have a few more books to look forward to reading, as well as the books already on my TBR pile/shelf.

I hit book no. 30 out of my 30 book reading goal for the year. I have since read Night Child by Jes Battis and Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris which brings my total of books read for the year 2009 at 32. My new goal is 40 books , or 10 more books from now to December 2009. I should make it 50 books for the year, but I'll see how it goes with 40. I have to start back to work next week and that takes huge chunks out of the reading time.

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