Thursday, July 9, 2009


I had made myself a goal at the beginning of this year, {and this blog} that I was going to force myself to read 30 books for the 2009 year. I was also going to attempt to focus on one book at a time because I had been suffering from B.A.D.D. {book attention deficit disorder - a inability to actually finish reading one book, some of the symptoms are;buying more and more books;starting one book, starting another, beginning yet another, and continuing in this fashion until I have more than 5 books that I am reading (more like 10+); habitually misplacing books that I have started, necessitating in my starting yet another book; never actually finishing a book in over a month; etc}.

I have since eased up on the idea of focusing only on one book at a time. I just can't. I now give myself permission to have at least three books in progress at a time {'cause I'm going to do it anyway - permission or not. Rebel.}

I have also joined a reading challenge (the colorful reading challenge)
Here is my progress - {along with my rating}:
  1. Magic To the Bone (Devon Monk) ******
  2. Demon Bound (Meljean Brook) ******
  3. Island of the Sequined Love Nun (Christopher Moore) ******
  4. The Summoning (YA, Kelley Armstrong) ******
  5. Remember Me? (Sophia Kinsella) *****
  6. Bone Crossed (Patricia Briggs) ******
  7. Mona Lisa Blossoming (Sunny) ***
  8. Mona Lisa Craving (Sunny) ***
  9. Unclean Spirits (M.L. Hanover) ******
  10. White Witch, Black Curse (Kim Harrison) ******
  11. Strange Angels (YA, Lili St.Crow) ******
  12. Pride (Rachel Vincent) *****
  13. Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand (Carrie Vaughn) *****
  14. Midnight's Daughter (Karen Chance) *****
  15. Red (Jordan Summers) *****
  16. Blue Diablo (Ann Aguirre) ******
  17. Magic In the Blood (Devon Monk) ******
  18. Blood Noir (Laurell K Hamilton) **+ (+ for half)
  19. Green Angel (YA, Alice Hoffman) *****
  20. Magic Strikes (Ilona Andrews) ******
  21. The Demon's Librarian (Lilith Saintcrow) ******
  22. Spiral Hunt (Margaret Ronald) ******

The Colorful Reading Challenge

  1. Black - White Witch, Black Curse
  2. Red - Red
  3. Blue - Blue Diablo
  4. Green - Green Angel

Right now I'm in the middle of Prey, (Rachel Vincent) and it's pretty intense. Very Intense. When I'm done, it goes to my father. I also read My Soul to Lose, but since it was only 70+ pages, I don't think I should count it in my 30 book goal. Other books that I've started and am reading in bits and pieces are;

  • Amazon Tattoo
  • Any Given Doomsday
  • Dead and Gone
  • Red Headed Stepchild
  • Yellow Chrome

I just received The Sweet Scent of Blood today in the mail. No Postage paid (by me) from the Book Depository in England. Love that store. Forcing myself NOT to open it until I am done with Prey.

It occurs to me, that although I haven't done so great at focusing on a single book, I have read/finished 22 books. That is much better than the last half of 2008, in fact most of 2008. I'm beginning to feel a little like the old me.

Tomorrow (actually later today, 'cause once again it's late/early morning) the grandson is coming over for his visit with his dad, and by default me (and the rest of the household). It's always fun having Elliott around.

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