Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prey Review

Prey, Rachel Vincent ******
I finished Prey early this morning. My time is mixed up because I've been doing an insomniac impression this summer. I finished Prey the morning of July 9th. Early, early morning, because I stayed up all night until I was finished with the book. By the time I got to a certain point in the book, I couldn't just stop, I had to finish it. It took me until 5 a.m.
Prey has shown a lot of growth with Faythe's character, and Rachel Vincent just gets better and better as a writer. I, personally, liked this book a lot more than I liked Pride. I liked Pride, but Prey is just that much better.
A lot happens in this book. There is some heartbreak and a death that will probably upset a lot of readers. One of the main plots of the book is Marc's kidnapping. Most of the book has Faythe and her fellow enforcers racing the clock to find Marc. Machinations by rival Prides, prides that want Faythe's father off the council continue with devastating results. Manx goes to her trial and Kaci- the young tabby found in Pride, continues to refuse to shift making her sicker and sicker.
Some of these issues are resolved by the end of the book. Faythe and her family have a lot on their plate. They have to talk Kaci into shifting, so she doesn't waste away, find Marc, support Manx and deal with Cal Malone's plots to usurp Greg Sanders from his position as head of the councel.
Not much more can be said about the story, because I don't want to put any spoilers out there. We meet some of the strays in this book;some are good, some are horrible. We learn more about Dan Painter. Faythe shows a lot more maturity than ever before, but still manages to complicate her life a little more.
There are some that will be pretty upset at one of the deaths, but all in all Rachel Vincent has written a very moving book that at times had me frustrated with Kaci and Faythe and at other times just rooting Faythe on. The last line in the book is a doozy, but don't skip ahead to it, if you haven't read Prey yet, wait for it-makes it better
I am usually pretty good at reading a book objectively-it doesn't get to me when an author decides one character has to go, or a character does something not normal for them: I can just sit back and take in the story overall. If I am feeling irritated at a book character, or sad for a character, or even feel like cheering one on, that means the writer has gotten to me, which means that writer has done something that not many are able to do (to me anyway). That doesn't mean that if I read a book without feeling loads of emotion that I think the book is no good, it just means that I have a thick shell, that writers don't usually penetrate, though I can still appreciate a well-written book.
So, excellant job piercing my shell Rachel Vincent. (patches shell back up....)

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