Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've been reading and reading the last few days. I was able to review an ebook named My Soul to Lose, (Rachel Vincent, and prequel to My Soul to Take) a new YA series. That mini-review is here. You can get a free download of the book on Rachel Vincent's site, or here. The book, My Soul to Take is coming out August 1st, '09.

I've also read and reviewed Margaret Ronald's Spiral Hunt. I know there's been at least one other review out in blogland about her book (don't remember where) but I haven't seen much fanfare about this book anywhere. This book needs somed fanfare, because it is good. Very good. I think the writing and dialogue is on a par with Kim Harrison or Rachel Vincent. Apparently it's a debut book, though it doesn't read like one; the Margaret Ronald must have been writing for quite awhile. There is number of short stories by her that can be read on her site. That review can be found here.

NOTE: Margaret Ronald has another book coming out in 2010, called Wild Hunt.


  1. Thanks for the tip on Spiral Hunt. It looks great and I'm definitely going to get my hands on it!