Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Black and White review (book 25/30)

Black and White

For the color white in the Colorful Reading Challenge.

I finished Black and White very early this morning, since my nights and days are still switched around. I've never really been crazy about comic books, though I loved the movie Hancock and the occasional other superhero movie. I mainly bought this book because it was written by Jackie Kessler and Caitlin Kittredge, two authors that I enjoy very much.

I'm glad that I bought this book. It was a very interesting book, with two main characters. I liked the way the book was laid out. It switched back and forth, not only between Iridium's and Jet's point of view, but also between now and then. I loved the way all that back and forth just seemed to bring both stories together-their academy years and their present situation, as well as showing both sides of the coin (Jet and Iridium). This is also one of the few third person style books that flowed so well (for me-since I usually prefer the first person-any tense). Each chapter began with quotes from a journalist and other "sources". Black and White also takes place in the future, so not only do we have a superhero story(ies) but it is futuristic at the same time. Since I don't usually read comics, I'm going by what I know of them (very little) , I usually just get a sense of timelessness- no set time-period from the comics:again, I admit I don't know much about the comic book world.

The two main characters of Black and White are former friends who end up on opposite sides of justice. One is a by-the-book superhero and the other is a bit of a rebel. The authors take you through their academy years through their friendship and eventual breakup (not a spoiler, the fact that they are no longer friends is on the back of the book). This is interspersed throughout their present story. A missing person, plot to end the world, and a wonderfully evil uber-supervillain. This guy even does the requisite bragging of motives.

I am definitely keeping this one (for re-reading during a poor season- my poor finance season) and if you like comic books, or even comic-book style movies, you'll love this book. Even if you're not comic-book crazy, like me-I'm not- you'll like this book. It's just that well written.
Now I'm going to try to finish Amazon Ink , written by Lori Devoti who has a wonderful button at the top of her page to make the font size bigger. That's something that older people as well as people with poor eyesight will appreciate (me-me!).


  1. Great review, Mardel! It is a rare talent when an author can write a story that switches back and forth that much and have the book flow. It seems the author did a lot of switching in this book! I am not familiar with comic books, either. Maybe I will try one some day. I am adding your review to the challenge list! I am so glad you participate!

  2. That sounds like an interesting read! I'm with you, I have never really read many comics - but I just received my first graphic novel in the mail the other day so we'll see how that goes. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. It is great to hear from other 'color' participants.