Thursday, July 23, 2009

getting rid of some Anita Blake books

Because I am no longer interested in reading the Anita Blake series (hey-the series went from urban fantasy/horror to paranormal/relationship;not my favorite) I am considering getting rid of the last few books in the series. The ones that show the most difference from the beginning of the series.

I'm thinking of getting rid of Incubus Dreams (hardback), Danse Macabre (hardback), The Harlequin (hardback) and the paperback Blood Noir. Incubus Dreams does not have the book jacket (dust jacket?), but all the hardbacks are in good condition.

I'm debating getting rid of Narcissus in Chains and Cerulean Sins. I'm not sure of that yet, because those books still had a bit of plot and action. (real action, not body action).

I'm also debating getting rid of another book that didn't have much goin on in it...Mistral's Kiss. I'm finished with that series also.

So....any suggestions?

Any takers?

What should I do with these books (garbage can not an option....I paid GOOD money for them) : )


  1. I always take my unwanted books to the local library. They use them in their book sale if they don't need them for the library collection.

  2. Sometimes senior housing facilities have a library also. they might take them..but they probably will not be willing to buy them.

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  5. the previous comment had a stupid typo in it.

    this is what it should have said:

    All the LKH books except for Incubus Dreams have been spoken for.