Monday, June 24, 2013

It's Monday.... and I've been sooooo lazy, (grin)

 I've had a whole entire week of being lazy...the extent of my activity has been reading, sleeping, watching t.v., and thinking about dying my hair -  I've been getting very tired of my gray and white hair.  I've even gone so far as to send off for a copperish color of dye. I used to be brunette - the type of brunette with auburnish highlights from the sun. Kind of waffling on this, because I know I'll have to deal with the white roots coming in, and there's nothing worse (with hair, that is) than having a bunch of white hair in skunk like roots coming in - it can make you look pathetic pretty quick.  within two to three weeks of coloring your hair.  One option, is deliberately leaving a few chunks of white, hoping for a streak effect.....
I did re-arrange drawers in my kitchen - or rather, I FIXED the drawers, since a house full of men means that things get put where-ever they end up - no rhyme or reason, just stuff things where-ever the whimsy strikes.  grrrrrrr.

I usually link to Sheila's It's Monday, What Are You Reading? post, but I think she's still out of town, on her weekend getaway - I don't see a Monday post to link to yet.  So I'm linking to her home page,  we'll just have to see how things go.
Anyway, I haven't been doing very good on these posts.  I've missed a few, and then last week, when I finally posted, I didn't visit very many other blogs - being the lazy person that I was this past week.  LOL, who am I kidding?  No One!  I'm always lazy - but I've been lazier than normal (it all stems from a childhood of having to work very hard on the weekends,CLEANING house, doing laundry - and babysitting my little bros after school! like many people my age, we children had to work - do chores,we didn't just play.  lol - don't get upset, young ones.  I know some kids do have chores nowadays, but a lot of kids don't)

So - It's Monday, What Are You Reading? - the usual.  We visit each other, see what we've all been reading, or finished reading (if we've managed to finish any books).

What I finished reading:

Just two novels - 
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
One of two books that feature Dirk Gently.  I think this is the first one...(The second one is better...)
This one jumps back and forth between another dimension and a monk who happens to ride a horse and college professor and one of his students - this goes on for almost half a book before something actually HAPPENS and we finally meet Dirk Gently, who is not a very likeable person.  He's a bit of a con.  There are some snooze-worthy bits, but there are also some very chuckle-worthy bits, so I stuck with it.  :)

and - 
Once a Hero 

The story of Esmey, not one of the Serranos, (there are quite a few books featuring the Serranos, a space/military family) but a woman who finds herself on the same ship as a Serrano more than once; one time there is a mutiny, and the other time with a different Serrano there is an attack on the  Deep Space Ship Repair vessel that they're on.  It was interesting, even though the character could be considered a Mary Sue - she's just so.... unassuming and barely has any experience and yet manages to play a huge part in...well, you'll have to read the review.

What I'm currently reading:

This is a book I've started previously - and as usual have flitted around to many other books in the meantime...but I do keep coming back to this one - even though I'm in a SciFi mood.
The Wild West...Mining towns, Old Miners....and a woman who happens to hunt monsters.  Vampires, and other critters from hell.
I already have the sequel here to read; it was one of those books that i accidently bought the second in the series.  But so far, this is interesting enough for me to think I'll want to read the sequel so 'sall good.

My sleeping habits have completely turned around.  My nights are wide awake - my days are spent either sleeping or extremely sleepy.  I wouldn't mind this, except for the vaguely guilty feeling I'm having.  Like I should be at work - or being productive.
We did go to the beach one day with the grandchildren.  That was fun, even though I thought we should have stayed a bit longer.  We were only there for about three hours.  But the kids played in the sand, chased the waves - staying a good length away from the water (granma is very paranoide about riptides and losing kids to the ocean)- played with seagulls, found some shells and bought some taffy.  yummy.

One moment that stays in my mind - hearing the two of them in the back seat harmonizing to "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift.  They sounded so wonderful singing together, and like many children were completely unaware of being heard, and therefore sang completely in tune.  Five and six years old - I wish I had had something with me to record them at that moment... ah well, something for the memories.
I hope everyone is having a good summer so far
Happy Reading All!


  1. I've been considering either dyeing my roots or just letting it go to my normal color. Not sure. I know what you mean about having to work as a kid/ teen. I had to do all that stuff, we lived on a farm for awhile so we had to feed animals and milk cows, then my parents worked picking veggies for a farmer and I ending up helping with that too. So my kids have very few chores, I only get after them to clean their room and take care of their stuff, I want to let them just be kids.
    Interesting reading list this week, hope you have a good week.

    1. Whoa!!! and I thought I had it tough. We had to even iron sheets and pillow cases. No one thinks of doing that anymore... But I didn't have to work the farm. We were small city kids - we could smell the dairy farms, but didn't live on any farm. Although we did go visit an uncle who had us milk cows and do some work on the weekends. Only weekends though.

      As girls, we had to do everything around the house and my bros didn't have to do anything (latin background). I totally overcompensated the other way with my daughter and sons. The boys had to do everything and my daughter didn't have to do much - I didn't even realize I was doing this at first... Then when I worked two jobs, my husband took over all the housework, and the kids didn't have to do anything. Lucky guys. :)

      Childhood is different now - but they have a whole different set of pressures to worry about, so I don't really envy them.

      Have a great week, yourself. :)

  2. Funny! I have been thinking about going the other way...letting my hair go natural!

    Here's my Best Books I've Read So Far in 2013.

    1. I hear you - I did about five years ago, because I was so tired of dealing with the roots....however, I am also tired of seeing gray hair and feeling like I look old before my time. Just because I feel old, doesn't mean I have to look old. ;)

      When I have a hat on, or something covering my hair, I feel like I look younger. But when I leave my hair out, then I get kids that call me gramma (which isn't bad when it's the kids in my granddaughter's class) and the almost ignored syndrome women get when they're gray and older.

  3. Whenever I think about dying my grey/white hair, I remember how lazy I am and don't want to take the time to keep it up. Therefore, I am staying with my current hair color. I like the Once a Hero series very much. I am curious about The Dead of Winter too. About the Honor Harrington series, there is a lot of technical detail about space battles and weapon capacities but I skim over those pages just like I do with the technical details in the Tom Clancy books. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great week.

    1. I was enjoying the Dead of Winter...but couldn't find it this morning. Normal for me. I started reading Android's Dream (Scalzi). When I left off of Dead of Winter, the woman was fighting off a creature and managed to get her sword knocked out of her hand. Those type of things irritate me, but the writing is pretty good.

      I'm probably going to have to give the Honor books a try. I can handle some descriptions - as long as they don't go on for pages, or when the story itself is continuously interrupted every three pages for more pages of descriptions and explanations. Or when the infodumping is "disguised" as five or six pages of the most boring "discussion" between characters. Huge turn-off. I've read books where authors manage to quickly and painlessly describe gadgets and theories, but others seem to feel like they have to teach the reader every little detail....not necessary for a good story. :)

  4. Oh, good luck on the hair issues! I lucked out, and one of my daughter's jobs is as a hair stylist, so she does mine every five weeks. I tend toward the reds.

    Love your photos and tales of the kids.

    I'm not familiar with your books, but they do look tempting. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. I love your blog - even though I don't comment regularly. I do sneak in once in a while. :)

      I need for my one last unattached son to find a hairstylist that's fun to be around, and who will work on a b.f.'s moms hair.... anything is possible! :) I only have one daughter, and she will occasionally help me out, but will usually offer to pay for something, only she doesn't realize how expensive salon visits for hair coloring can get. Oh Well! :)

  5. Hey a change is as good as a holiday, if it's too much hassle you can always go back to natural. I agree the skunk look is not so hot but you can always put the colour in and then just touch up the roots. The hairdresser who cuts my hair let me buy the tube of colour and developer so I can do roots at home ... way cheaper :)

    And sounds like you did exactly what you needed to do last week, I say listen to your body, it knows what it's talking about lol. Well that's what I keep telling myself anyway haha. Cute photos of the grandkiddies, keep enjoying the hols and happy reading :)

    1. I'm am so appreciative of the fact that I have almost two months to "listen to my body". LOL I kind of want to sit out in the sun, but I need one of those outside loungers, and it's been raining and very cool here for the past two days as well as today. three days of rain in the summer....not totally unheard of here, but not that common.

      We do usually have a very late summer though, one that gives us warm weather all the way through October. But we also get evening breeze from the ocean (which is 30 miles away) - enough to cool down any warm day except for those pesky heat waves.

  6. Your lazy week sounds wonderful. And it wasn't completely lazy - you sorted out the drawers and spent time with the grandkids. I think we call that a life/relaxation balance! :)

    Enjoy your books this week!

    1. Ahhh - thanks for the reminder of what I did accomplish. I also ran the dishwasher twice. I'm proud of myself for that. :) I can't do a lot of physical work, but on school breaks, I like to at least try to keep the counters decent and put away dishes where they belong. the guys in the house can't seem to manage that. I'm not a neat freak, but I like a halfway clean kitchen. It's FOOD, for god's sake, right?

      Oh yeah, and I received the book from the giveaway you hosted, planning on reading it soon. It's good for me to read a non UF or SciFi book once in a while, and that one sounds interesting. :) Thanks again.

  7. Great on your lazy week. We all need those from time to time.

    ENJOY the rest of your week.

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

    1. Oh - believe me - Since my body has just about fallen apart, I'm GOOD at lazy. I used to be a very hard worker, with the home (never a complete showroom, I had four kids and was more apt to read or play with them than to vaccuum) - laundry and dishes and cooking - and also with working. But now it's all I can to do make it to work daily and then drive home. Things can change sooooo much. Life is weird. But now I have time to read more, although that gets cut into with computer. Doors open and close and open. :)

  8. I enjoyed reading about your lazy week. Isn't that what summer is for, especially for school teachers and librarians? You can't very well be lazy during the school year, now, can you?

    Thanks for hopping in to my It's Monday!