Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If I Didn't Know Better (Nashville)

Not sure what I think of the show - lots of intrigue and betrayals, rude young stars and proud established stars,  smarmy producers and record people; evil rich father, desperate husband, etc =    but damn, this song is INTENSE and sexy

As sung by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio

I thought - wow, great song (for a slow song), and wondered who sang it originally, so I looked it up....thinking it wouldn't be quite as good....but DAMN! it was just as good!
the original, by the Civil Wars

Kind of want to keep playing both versions.....over and over.  Ahhhh- brings back sweet, bittersweet memories of young love and angst......and then I think, I'm so over that now. :)  the perks of getting older. :)

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