Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teaser Tuesday


It's that time again....
Teasing time....
Teaser Tuesday Time;

Hosted by Miz B of ShouldBeReading, this is the weekly meme that brings us all together to TEASE each other with tidbits of what we've been reading.  No Spoilers Allowed (of course)

I've been reading two ARC's.  One is an e-arc,The Shifting Price of Prey by Suzanne McLeod, and I'm not going to tease you with it in case the author wants to make some changes - so maybe next week.

The other is an ARC that came to me via The Library Thing after I requested it and then forgot that I requested it...until I checked my account and saw that I ACTUALLY won a copy.  I was so excited, because this is one of my favorite authors.  Then I had to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  the message did say that sometimes people had waits up to 8 weeks.  oh boy.  So I waited and waited and finally got it last week.  Yeay!  Then I was in the middle of Suzanne McLeods arc, and there's no way I'm putting that aside even for Lilith Saintcrow  (I know, right?)  There I am, with not only two of my favorite writers' ARC's but I also had Chasing Magic - ANOTHER favorite (look, I have a lot of favorites, mkay?  it's okay to have a lot of favorites....there's many more I don't enjoy, believe me! You just won't see them here, lol)  So - I was reading Chasing Magic in print and reading The Shifting Price of Prey in Kindle, switching back and forth as the battery waned and was charged.  So fun.  Then came the day I was finished with both.  Started reading.....

The Iron Wyrm Affair
by Lilith Saintcrow
released 8/07/12
page 190

'The worthy Bavarian's hand was hidden in his coat pocket, probably preparatory to bringing forth his trusty clasp knife, and Clare decided he had best smooth the waters.  People were so difficult.' 

The Iron Wyrm Affair is scheduled for release August 7th, 2012, which is TODAY.    Happy Book Birthday to Lilith Saintcrow who has written another amazing novel.  

I'm not stopping there - nope, there's been too many fun books and I'm starting even more - although I should read a different genre....SCIFI!

One of the books that I just started to read -and I mean JUST started- is a book that's been on walkabout for a month or so.  Finally made its way back home, I've grabbed it and put it with its family while I was waiting to be ready for it, hoping it'll stick around - the mysteriously gone and back book is.....  are you ready?  I was ready for it last month, but that's the one that was hiding from me.

Transformation Space
by Marianne de Pierres
available now
page 67

'     Jo-Jo stared at her in mild surprise.  "You can cook?"
     "As needs,"she said tersely, "and don't get used to it.  I'm powerful hungry; feels like I haven't eaten in a year."
     Jo-Jo was feeling the same.  Now that he'd moved around a bit, hunger gnawed like a bitch." '

The 'she' is a mercenary, very butch.  Jo-Jo is a former substance user - all legal, but he used a lot, lost his biozoon (sentient spaceship - real living species) - just two of the interesting characters in this series.  I wrote to the author once on Goodreads, she's very approachable, answered back, warned me the first book would feel a bit slow until I came to a certain part and then would pick up - she was right.  Only it wasn't slow because of boring content, there were phrases and wording I had get familiar with.  There's nothing slow or boring about this series.  It's ...terrific world - hell, universe!- building.  

Now the other book I've just started, and am feeling like reading RIGHT NOW is...

Gunmetal Magic
by Ilona Andrews
(available now)
page 37

'     He spun the broom with the dexterity of a Marine on Silent Drill Platoon, planted the handle into the ground, jumped, spinning around it, his legs straight out, and landed on one knee, his head bowed, his right hand extended, holding the broom in his fist parallel to the floor.
     "You had coffee this morning, didn't you?" '

Ahhh - teens!


  1. You're reading a few awesome books! I am glad I am not the only one who does multiple TT books or more than one quote from a single book. I just cant stick to 1 quote or 1 book. Too many good ones. Its hard. I cheat on TT all the time!
    I LOVE your LOLCATS! I am ur 99th follower! I wish i was 100. That would be awesome..
    Have a great week!
    Teaser Tuesdays @Books and Beyond

    1. Oh yeah - I'm a total TT cheater. I usually do more than two sentences (it IS hard to stick to two, most times), but then the main thing is to see different books, and to have fun, right? The guidelines are ...well...GUIDElines. ;) That's how I see it, anyway. Besides, it's hard to stick with one novel, when you're the type of person who will read up to four books at a time. Maybe that's why my books keep running away or hiding? ;)

    2. And Hey - #99 is pretty cool!

  2. Good teasers. I have read Gunmetal Magic already but it looks like I need to add the other two to my wishlist. Thanks for visiting my teasers. Happy reading!