Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Combo! It used to be Monday-What Are You Reading and Teaser Tuesday!

I Can't Believe I missed another Monday post!  my excuse is.....falling asleep atypically early on Sunday night.  yeah......that's it!

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? has been one of my favorite weekly memes, and until recently, the one meme that I never missed.  Hosted by Sheila of Book Journey - it's a place/time/site to get together to share what we've been doing book-related.  And this last week - the week that I miss, (or am late) is the one week that I read more than one book - I actually read THREE. 

Read Last Week:

(It's so damned frustrating!!! I can't get these book covers lined up on a single row!!!stupid blogger and their new "improved" interface...HA!) 
Currently Reading:
Mirror Space by Marianne de Pierres
She, Myself & I  by Whitney Gaskell

Thinking About Reading:
I really have many books that I've already started to read and then...in my usual B.A.D.D.   fashion, end up putting aside for various reasons.  The most common reason is my inability to focus on one book at any given time.  Seriously - even when I'm reading the most interesting book ever, I'm thinking about  this book that I started last week, or that book that I started last month, or those books that I started to read LAST SUMMER....it's that bad, guys - really.  There's mixed good/bad news here - bad news is that we're living on less money than anticipated this summer/good news is that I have more reason to get through the 100 or so books that I have waiting for me - and some of them are by authors that I already KNOW are good, even excellent writers.  I'm just weird like that.  
Some of the books include;
  • the rest of the Dreamfever series by Karen Marie Moning - I read the first tw0 - actually need to get hold of the final
  • The rest of The Spirit Thief - a book I was thoroughly enjoying (I was HALFway through the book, for god's sake, why didn't I just FINISH it?  B.A.D.D.)
  • fantasy novels by Patricia Briggs - Raven Strike, Raven Shadow, Dragon Bones (which I started) & Dragon Blood
  • The last three books of The Zodiac series by Vickki Pettersson (great writer), of which I have ALL the books.
  • Marianne de Pierres aka Delacourt's Sharp Shooter - of which I went to extreme-ish lengths to get, since it's only available overseas - then I promptly put it on the shelf, then started (it's good, too) then read the next release by Monk, or Andrews, or Briggs....one of them....  There are now 4 in this series.
I could go on and on - but I'll spare you.  There are at least 100 books in my shelves (and that's just in my bedroom).  There are some more in the garage.  I have a serious problem with books.  I also need to get rid of some of the books that I've already read - but every time I try to list them, NObody seems to want to get them.  Which is strange because there are some serious book addicts cruising these internet sites.  Sigh.... I also have a few books downloaded onto my laptop.  Any - the goal for the summer - get through as many novels as I can.  I would love to find one of those lounge chairs - the ones you can lay way back on, to lay out in the back yard, with the birds in the background, the dogs laying in the sun, kicking back and getting my Vitamin D while I'm reading.  Heaven.  Only thing better is reading at the ocean, with the surf and the sound of gulls and kids playing in the background; other people's kids - there's no way you can relax reading at the ocean when you have your own kids at the beach.  The ocean is hungry for little kids.
I almost forgot about the Teaser Tuesday post - oops.
Teaser Tuesday is the Tuesday post with a teaser included.  Just in case you were wondering - (*g*).  No spoilers, we tease from our current read.  Hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

I am currently reading She,Myself & I 
it's fiction (no fantasy, no horror, no SciFi - just fiction)
from page 119

     ' "Let me get this straight; You're inviting me over for dinner, and you want me to bring the dinner? And the dessert?" I asked.
     "And although I can't have any, you might want to consider bringing a bottle of wine, too.  Who knows how long Mom and Dad will be able to stay in the same room without going for each other's throats?  Truce or no truce." Sophie said.'

An interesting book -I'm enjoying it.

                                              what?  I'm supposed to share?


  1. Lol! Cute teaser, thanks for sharing.

    I hope you'll stop by to check out my teaser.

  2. Replies
    1. Now I'm halfway through, and it's quite entertaining. :)

  3. Awesome teaser! I love all the kitty pictures!! So cute!

    My Teaser Tuesday

    1. I'm a little obsessed with cat pics - especially the lol catz. :)

  4. Gee. Thanks for the invitation, Sophie. This sounds like a cute book that I'd enjoy.
    My teaser this week is from The Lie.

    1. haha - come over....and bring dinner....and dessert....and something to drink. :) Chairs, too. :)

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