Tuesday, February 15, 2011

birthdays, a party, a cd player, appt., and a good book

no Teaser Tuesday today....
I've had a very busy weekend
My Granddaughter's fourth birthday party....
my son's 22 nd birthday
my appointment for a surgical consult
The Birthday....
My grandson, his mom and I went to two stores looking for a pinkish cd player for my granddaughter's birthday - for her room. she loves music.
there ARE no pink cute cd players at the stores we went to,
I ended up buying a black small player (it's her first one and she's only four - later I'll get her a huge sound system...yeah right.)\
I felt disappointed about the color - so we bought some stickers for her to decorate the radio/cd player. Of course, later that weekend I found out that I could have bought a pink player at Toy's R Us, but there was not time at this point.
So, before the party started, Elliott (grandson) and I wrapped her presents (we also bought a Disney Radio Mix cd) and had her open it before other people got there.
Her words....
"Grandma - I think there's a mistake. this must be for someone else"
Oh yeah, she said it. But remember, she's four and four year olds tell it like they see it.
Of course, today I was told that she decorated the cd player with some of her stickers and has been laying on the floor listening to her new cd.
:) Win!
Son's birthday - I really didn't have to do anything - just was tired anyway. Babysat my grandson for two nights and ...
for my son's birthday, he - himself treated all the family that came over in the morning to omelets made with bacon, mushrooms, bell peppers (green and yellow) sauteed onions and fancy-smancy cheese.
Very yummy, and very sweet. I don't think I'm going to tell him that we should have made him breakfast - it was damned good!
and Now - the appointment
I've been having some neck and spine issues, with all that goes with those type of issues.
My doctor referred me to physical medicine, and that doctor referred me for a surgical consult.
Now, I haven't been having any good thoughts about having surgery on my back.
The last major surgery I had to repair a shoulder injury resulted in a staph infection,
and I almost lost the use of my arm - still have quite a bit of pain in it but...
My son drove me to the Oakland for the consult.
we had all the parking issues, finding the place, wandering around a building that seems to be in a state of .....being built or renovated.
and it seemed, that no one but us was wearing any type of deodorant.
Really - lots of .....odors floating around.
I had another x-ray and then finally had a visit with the surgeon who asked what I like to do (read - "what do you read?" urban fantasy...."is that where urban living is fun?" hahahahahahaha)
explained the workings of the spine and my particular problems in detail, easy to understand...
unfortunately for me...or fortunately for me, depending on the moment
it seems as if the risks of surgery probably outweigh the benefits for me.
So for now, I'm not going to go for the surgery
I have mixed feelings - I'm relieved and at the same time it's a little scary to think that I'm not a good candidate for surgery....
What can you do but just live it.
So my plan is to try to force myself to go on little walks,
continue with the mild yoga-ish stretches that I've been trying to do,
and to tell my doctors to PLEASE up the pain meds.
But, I just can't help but feel extreme relief about NOT having the surgery.
I really didn't feel positive about it.
or about having to travel to a different city away from family to do this.
On a more positive note, or more postive notes
I am almost finished reading The Bitter Seed of Magic (Suzanne McLeod)
So Good.
I would have been finished reading it on Saturday, but family stuff was going on.
I am enjoying reading all about Genny Taylor, Malik and Finn.
And boy, does this installment have some twists in it, as well as some twisted happenings (happy reading for me!- love twisted stuff)
Almost done and...
The Bitter Seed of Magic
Lovin' It!


  1. How cute!! they're so fun at that age & brutaly honest lol I'm sure she'll like it ^^ Sorry about your back =/ I hope you feel a little better. The walks sounds like a good idea.

    yay!! I read the first one and totally liked it. I'm saving for the next & Suzanne it's super nice. I get here through her blog ;)

  2. I'm kind of relieved you don't have to do surgery, but I agree with the mixed feelings about not being a candidate... You're right though, all you can do is live life.

    Sounds like an excellent weekend.