Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Links, and Links

Ms Julie A Campbell, who will shortly be published at Quake Publishing, has an interview up at Quake Publishing. Interesting, short and sweet. Best kinds of interviews. Go check it out.

Speaking of Julie A Campbell, make sure you've read her latest Doc, The Vampire Hunting Dog story. She's also working on getting a new laptop, so take a look at the donate button (if possible, note that she doesn't charge for her Doc Stories - but we need to keep this woman writing - there's more bubbling in her brain - more stories, more ideas, more suspense and thrills - and we need to read them *g*) Campbell has also started a small enterprise (don't I sound fancy?) selling a few items on her online store link. Come to think about it, I think this would be a good thing for me to buy for a x-mas gift for a family member.....

There is another interview of Julie over at Pat's Writing Blog, and a giveaway in honor of the interview - giveaway ends soon- enter before Dec 3.

One of my other favorite writers, Suzanne McLeod is having a contest at her website for a pretty cool looking book. Go enter, and while you're over there, look around her site - read a few excerpts of her novels (you won't be disappointed) and get ready to wish you had the books right there with you to read. (Mwahahahaha) Christmas is coming, you could always order yourself a Christmas present from the Book Depository....free shipping to most places. :)

For more writerly fun, Lilith Saintcrow (who I don't know, of course, but I love reading her books) has a series of extremely strange and funny posts up about a squirrel and a bluejay, true love, death....well, one of the posts is Battle of the Pine Boughs, then there is Interspecies Elizabethan Insults, Squirrel Revivified, Ballad of the Headless Squirrel, and finally the most recent offering...Headless Squirrel Redux. This is just....I can just picture her standing there, ready to fight with a shovel, dealing with squirrels, bluejays, cats...etc. read the posts - funny.

I won't even pretend to be able to tell a story, or anecdote as well as any of the above ladies, but for a view into the life of my own dogs (my real life dogs - lol) go over to pets are like children...no really!

Let me just repeat here, because I'm so excited for my friend -

Julie A. Campbell - being published very soon at Quake Publishing.
She really has worked hard on this, everyone. I can't even explain how excited I am for her, it must be tenfold, hundredfold for her family, her mom and for her. Life is pretty good sometimes, right? Be on the look out for an e-book titled Arabian Dreams...(unless they change the name, lol)


  1. Mardel, you happen to be my hero :) Just in case you didn't know that. :) Thanks so much for the linkage :)

    Suzanne's books are amazingly good. I'm convinced the second one was better than the first, which means the third will probably be even better. And the first was pretty damn good.

    So far no one has mentioned changing the name from Arabian Dreams to anything else, but we'll see :)


  2. Mardel, you're my hero too!! (Julie got in first with the hero thing, but seeing as she's right, I'm shamelessley stealing it *g* )

    Huge thanks to both of you for all the book love, it is, as always, very much appreciated :-)

    And I hope you both like book 3 *bites knuckles*