Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Books!!!!! specifically, The Shifting Price of Prey

I have not been the best of bloggers lately - not even close.  a year ago, two years ago, I would have been on top of new book releases - especially from my favorite writers - and this time, I'm completely surprised when I find the book I've been waiting for already out on the shelves...

On of my favorite writers - Suzanne McLeod has recently released her fourth Genny Taylor novel - The Shifting Price of Prey.
From the first time I read her very first book (The Sweet Scent of Blood), long before it came out in the States, I was excited about this series, and the characters within.  My interest hasn't changed - just my energy.

I've always tried to announce her novels BEFORE they are released in the United States, but this time.... it snuck up on me.  I have to admit here, that I have already read this one - I was lucky enough to get an e-copy a while ago, and I can safely say, this one is just as interesting as the first three novels.  I've enjoyed all of the series.  

When The Sweet Scent of Blood first came out in the UK, there weren't many books that combined the fae with vampires and witches, but McLeod did an amazing job of pulling a new blend out of the morass of urban fantasy novels. Her main character is also a blend - vampire and fae (you find this out in the first novel, so it's not really a spoiler unless you haven't read ANY of her novels)
If you haven't read any of them yet....  why the hell not?
they've been out for a while, 
get crackin'!

Fun series, with just the right amount of heat, snark, mystery and suspense.

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