Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Remember my reviews of Lucy A. Snyder's books?  I liked them and yet the books drove me crazy.....  Well, apparently, she's been continuing to write;  I've missed her last book (maybe more than one), even though I'm open to reading more from her. 
     The two books I read and reviewed

            And the book I haven't yet read, yet love the name and title  

 And with her newest project, she's going Kickstarter...
That's right - Kickstarter.

Well - I couldn't resist.  I pledged $30.  I would have went for more, but I can't afford anymore, and to be frank....I kind of like the return on the $30 pledge.  If you're not familiar with kickstarter, it's a place for artists, writers, entrepenuers to ask for support (monetary of course) and in return you are offered a token of appreciation.  It can be a signed piece of work, a book, an e-copy, a postcard, a wave and "see ya sucker", whatever.  Point is, you're promised something, and you invest a little bit of money.  I invested in a calender project last year and was able to get an autographed picture of Gregory Maguire (of Witch fame) - which I used as a christmas present for my daughter - who loves his writing.   

I would like to think that I would pledge money just for art's sake, but lets face it - getting a gift in return just makes it that much easier to help out.  And when it's a lot of people investing, the pledge amounts are kept in the reasonable range where real, average people can participate.  That's a win for me. :)

And take a look at the cover - I like that the green eye is still green and glowing......

ANY way there are 11 more days of the fundraising (investor gathering?), so if you want to donate anything from $1, $2, $3 to $75 or $100.... and increments in between ($20, $30, $40, etc) get on over to Kickstarter and take a look around.  Click on the cover above (Devils' Field - I really hope they're referring to more than one devil) or on the word Kickstarter way above that should be in bright green font to get directly to Snyder's page.


  1. Yes, there will be more than one devil. :) Thanks for your support!

    1. Happy to help - and am looking forward to reading more of your books. Hope you get all the pledges you need.