Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So ---  I get overwhelmed with life, and then become inundated trying to manage two jobs and find time to sleep - and then get totally forgotten on the internet - not that I was a hugely popular blogger with a high volume of readers...

Still, it's a little humbling to see just how easy it is to fall back into obscurity.

Hell of it is, I probably won't be able to blog on a contiual or regular basis.   I haven't even been able to read very much.
not reading very much is a very weird thing for me.  I used to read at least four books a week, and then it went down to two a week, then on a week.... and now I'm lucky if I finish a book a month.

But I'm still trying to follow my favorite writers - I still want to support  by reviewing - it's just going to be less frequent.  
And hopefully someone will see a post and be tempted to buy a book.

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