Tuesday, February 11, 2014

backseat saints by Joshilyn Jackson

Back Seat Saints
Joshilyn Jackson

May 2011

cover - look at that cover....woman in the front seat, dog with her....  they're going somewhere....

I was browsing this weird new store one day...not even thinking about books, when I saw an endcap of books - all for $3 or less. On one hand, I was glad to see a book I could buy for $3.00 but once I began reading I was sad for the author that her books are on an endcap in some strange dollar store.  And yet  -  if they hadn't been, I would not have found it, read it and then wanted to buy more of her books.  Which I do.  I would love to find more of her novels and read them since Joshilyn Jackson writes a hell of a story.

backseat saints is the story of a young woman, raised in a dysfunctional family, with a mother who ran away seemingly abandoning her, who ends up in an abusive relationship.

backseat saints is the story of the roll this young woman plays in her abusive marriage and how she finally accepts the fact that if she stays, she's going to end up dead.

backseat saints is the story of how she finally changes her life and how family cares for each other, even though it might not be in the best way.  It's about forgiveness and hate.

It's a very hard hitting book.  Very striking.  I recommend it, it's very good reading, even though some parts may by hard to read.

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