Monday, November 18, 2013

Well - it's Monday, again...

I am very happy to be able to say that things are getting a bit better - my newest job has a possibility of a promotion to field assistant and though things are still very weird at my other work, at least I can try to tune some of it out by thinking of other things.
My fingers are crossed on the newest job and promotion.
This weekend alone I ended up earning 290 dollars, and though that really isn't a whole lot - it's almost as much as I bring home in an entire month of working lunch duty.
It's all relative.

Here we are again - for me, it's I'm back (possibly temporarily again).  My posting has been very spotty lately which goes hand in hand with my reading.  My reading has suffered terribly with the mix of things going on in my life - some good, some horrible, and some wonderful.
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Once again, I finished not ONE novel.  Not a one.  I did manage to finish an anthology magazine - 
Steampunk Trail's #1, edited by J.A. Campbell.

That is the only thing that I can honestly say I finished reading.  It's good - lots of good steampunk stories to fit any taste and some illustrations as a bonus.  

I have recently bought a few books, and I also received one from a publisher - and I'm working on reading it (my apologies for not reading it straight through, though I did receive it after the publishing date, so I don't feel like it was a rush read)
YA monster romance (wink)
think of frankenstein and his bride MAKING a son.
and then he turns into a teen....


Perdition - the first of the Dred Chronicles set in the universe of Jax (oh....remember Jax?  I miss her stories).
This one is written in third person as opposed to the first person present tense of Jax's stories.  (I miss that voice!)
I'm pretty sure Dred is a character Jax met when she was in that huge prison awaiting trial....
By - of course - Ann Aguirre, an author that seems to nail one of the types of SciFi I enjoy reading.

Another book beginning a new series from a great writer is Hell Bent by Devon Monk.  Written as a continuation of the magic story of Seattle, in Allie Becktrom's Seattle, this new series features two characters from the first series - Shame and Terric.  Interesting combo of characters, and interesting situations...

I've managed to come across a book I've had around here for a few years.  Jaye Wells' The Mage In Black.  I decided to try to read this second in a series, though I wasn't super excited about the first.  Many times, the second book is better though...although there are times, the reverse is true... hmmmm..  nah - I'm pretty sure it'll be interesting.  :)
I would like to try her newest series - Dirty Magic.  Sounds interesting.

There's another book I bought, it's SciFi - but I can't find it (of course) and cannot remember the starts with an E, and I think there's an N or S in it also....and an O.....and an I.....  (oh boy)  Can't even remember the author's name, but it's set in Scotland.  How's that for SciFi?  dont' come across many SciFi set in Scotland, at least not here in the states.  :)

Well - it's getting late.  I've worked 36 hours in the last 48 (is that right?  that's crazed!), and I'm actually tired before four a.m.  for once.    I get to work both jobs tomorrow, and we're going for a drive, my client and I.  He likes to ride in my car, which he calls his car...  "my car".  how cute.


  1. Good luck with your promotion, and get some sleep!

    Read on!
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. Thanks! Oh, I slept - real good. ;) haha. Really, got a solid five hours in - it was nice. :)

  2. Haha love the bat transformation picture, funny! Fingers crossed for you with the new job, sounds very promising and hey it's that time of the year when everything gets quite manic. It took me 3 weeks to finish 1 book, now I'm back to reading 1 book per week, sooooo slow lol. Man Made Boy sounds kind of cool. Have a good week and happy reading :)

    1. Don't you feel like that sometimes? (transforming, either into or from a bat) I do. I'm hearing that I have to fill out an application as a formality, and it won't happen until sometime in December, but that the job is mine!