Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Monday....and I'm back - sort of.

Here we are again - it's a Monday.  I've never been crazy about Mondays, even during the summer on my work "vacation" (in this case, meaning two months without pay, meaning we don't actually get to go anywhere...{boohoo} would be nice to be able to afford to go even on a small trip.  I'm hoping to make a day trip to the beach soon).  Because even during the summer, each Monday brings me closer to the start of another year of working - which I used to love, but now the only thing I like about it is the kids - definitely, I haven't been enjoying one of my supervisors.  But then - at least I get to do some things that are fun.  The library work is fun.  Lunch duty - while frustrating at times, can still be fun, especially when the kids are all playing and enjoying the day.   I know I'm sounding a little em0 about things - but it's a passing thing.

I missed the last Monday post because of some emotional dips - I lost a grandfather (he was 106 years old), who I was only able to see a few times - and even then only because other people paid for me to fly to Panama twice.  For that I'm completely grateful.  But it's kind of sad to know he's gone, and to know that my mom has taken it very hard.  But life goes on for the rest of us, so far anyway.  So we all need to make the most of our lives, which is something I've been trying to do - and trying to remind my husband for at least 25 years (we've been married for 34 years, but he's turned into a bit of a bitter guy when life gets tough-and that's hard to live with - shit, now I'm sounding bitter, damnit!)

So let's get to it! Enough with the Emo Nemo shit.
But now - it's time for...  It's Monday, What Have You Been Reading? hosted by Sheila of Book Journey.  Unfortunately, I can't link yet to a Monday post for Book Journey, so I'll temporarily link to the Book Journey site.

In the last two weeks I finished reading: 
**remember - click on covers for excerpts or website**

Sabaska's Tale
teen fantasy (with the coolest horse ever).  At first available as an e-book, you can now purchase this in print, via CreateaSpace.  Worth buying people, especially if you AND any teens in the family like horses! (and good writing)

On Basilisk Station
SciFi (the first Honor Harrington novel)
I enjoyed it - even with the occasional lengthy explanations of...stuff. ;)

Pretty Sacrifices
Y/A,UF (post pandemic plot)

Show Dog Sings the Blues
(What if your show dog gets mixed up with her sister, the working ranch dog?) A fun novella.
fantasy (OMG - what a strange world!)
What a strange, weirdly good book.

My Current Reads:

I'm currently reading a book on my Kindle - the second Honor book, The Honor of the Queen, which seems to be slower going than the first...Just when I thought I was comes more.  Which is okay - because it's pretty interesting.

I'm also working on another David Weber book - one in print, called In Fury Born - it's a book and a prequel all packaged into one thick novel.  Unfortunately - THIS one seems to have way more lengthy
info dumps for such things as weapons, military positioning, political background, the inner thoughts of Alicia's pleasure or displeasure of her weapons, etc.  That makes it hard for me to keep going, but I want to -because I know if I can get through that, there's action coming up.  I finished the prequel part, and that was pretty good....but I just keep dozing off when I'm reading those damned pesky info-dumps.  Damnit! Weber - ease up on those, huh?  Click on the cover for the prologue - this is why I want to keep reading....

One more book that I'm taking in smallish doses - 
The First Casualty
by Mike Moscoe aka Mike Shepherd
Interesting SciFi, telling a story from two main character's pov.
No excerpt from Shepherd's website - which needs to be updated.  According to his book page this is out of print, and yet I just bought it recently at a bookstore - brand new, not used. 

Well - that's enough for now.  I'm tired, frankly.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Grandfather, 106, wow hope he lead a full life up until his passing. Completely understand the 'emo nemo' ... still feeling that way myself and it's hard to stay positive when the 'shite' is hitting the fan lol.

    Well on that cheery note, I'd better just say I hope you have a better week and escape to distant lands via some great books.

    1. Thanks - I'm sure he had a very full life - over 200 grand/great/ and great great grandchildren. That's pretty busy. They were land rich, but no money. However - back then all they needed was land, cattle and an area to grow veggies. Which they did. Live in Panama.Now I think most of the land is sold or split up between all those relatives.

      I want to go to the beach and read there....but I usually end up bringing a book as well as grandchildren, and who can read when you're concentrating on your granchildren not getting drowned? :)