Saturday, June 29, 2013

Seventy by Liana Brooks - review

Liana Brooks

*****  five out of six stars

Cover - just .... cool.  I love covers like this, that have a planet, stars, it

This was one of my Kindle reads.  I was happy to find a SciFi by a woman e-book to download.  This is a short story, or novella, but there was quite a bit packed in.

sooo - a bit of background - Humans have been terraforming and colonizing other planets for quite a while. They've got one planet in the works.  Unfortunately, aliens have attacked one of their planets, one they've been living on, and they're given the order to travel to the newly terraformed planet even though things aren't quite ready.  But they're in danger of annihilation if they delay any longer.

Jeff is one of the leaders of this expedition, and they take off for Dauphin despite some of the  colonists' reservations.  Unfortunately there's a problem.  The new planet isn't quite stable and things get very bad very fast...they have to make a decision - take off and live in the terraforming pods - or try to stay on the planet even though they most likely will die there.

The pods can get back out to space, but they don't have enough fuel to travel anywhere.  And they don't have enough food or supplies....But no problem.  Another ship is due to come in 70 days...

I liked this story - even though the ending is kind left up in there, you can judge for yourself how things are going.  One of the scientists at the beginning is so strident and abrasive, hostile even - that it seems that Jeff has an enemy.  But no - she and Jeff end up coming to terms...

The few things that I didn't really like was this female's portrayal and some of the dialogue felt... off.  It just seemed over the top - she's so angry.  It just doesn't match with someone who is supposed to be a scientist who works on potentially dangerous missions like terraforming planets, making sure they're stable etc.  Some of the dialogue was great, but then some of it seemed off to me - such as the way this scientist would yell at Jeff.  

But the story as a whole is pretty cool, making you think about what if?  What if you end up on a planet with no way to communicate, no answers when you try and end up having to make a decision on whether to live out in orbit in pods that were never meant to be permanent houses in orbit?

I looked for other SciFi from Brooks, but didn't see much else that was quite this SciFi - but then I didn't look that hard either. What I found were some work by her that seemed to have a higher concentration of romance to SciFi, and I'm not  that crazy about a Romance/Scifi mix that would be like say...(just to pull a number out of my ass, lol) 70:30 mix of romance:Scifi.  I enjoyed this novel, and one day (when I have more disposable income) I will search out some more from her.

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