Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway links

one of my favorite couple of characters happen to be dogs.  That's right. 
One is a vampire hunting dog named Doc.  His story takes place in contemporary time, and his human is named Kevin.  There are quite a few short stories available featuring Doc and friends.

Kira_Brown2The other dog is named Brown and her human is Elliott.  Brown has a way with ghosts.  Being border collies, both dogs have this thing called....
The Eye
if you've ever been stared down by a herder dog, you will know what I'm referring to.
anyway there is currently a blog tour happening that's featuring Brown.  I've read all (i'm pretty sure I've read all of them) of Brown's stories, and they are very entertaining - especially if you enjoy dogs.  You will recognize doggy behavior in these stories.
The entire blog tour, complete with links is listed on Campbell's website, but just in case...

Intro - June 11th @ J.A. Campbell
Part 1 - June 12th @ Sam Knight
Part 2 - June 13th @ Bea's Book Nook
Part 3 - June 14th @ Amaleen Ison
Part 4 - June 15th @ Jen Wylie
Part 5 - June 16th @ David Riley
Interview with Brown - June 17th @ Anne Michaud (can I just say, I love when people do interviews in a character's pov - shows the imagination off a bit, and is just very fun)
J.A. Campbell (aka Julie) has quite a variety of writing projects that she's finished, and is always working on new projects.  On top of being a very talented writer with all kinds of characters living in her brain, she is the caretaker of cats, an intense dog named Kira (the dog is a border collie, i.e. - intense) and is a horsewoman.  No, she doesn't turn into a horse at full moons, nor does she have a horse head, or a tail...she owns a horse and rides Triska as much as she can.  Girl is living the life; horse, dog, cats, books in print and a sailor boyfriend who is absent enough to be in love with.  (haha - that's my weird take on relationships - if you're apart regularly, you appreciate each other more.)
Keep your eyes open for J.A. Campbell - there will be more coming from her.  everytime I hear about a new project, I'm happy because I KNOW it's going to be interesting and fun to read.

other works by J.A. Campbell
This is the Clanless series - a third is in the works.  Teen vampire, learning to maintain and keeping her friends safe.

Serpent Queen is a steampunk style of short story - novella - that I would love to see more of. A vampire pirate who's airship is attacked. 

J.A. Campbell has many other works available online as free reads or e-books.  You won't find ridiculous prices for these books either - like $14.99.  Nope - all of the e-books are affordable and all are great reads.  Visit her website for more info on all available and upcoming projects.

The Giveaway  is for Science Fiction Trails #10 - which I can assure you is a very fun mag full of short stories that run the range in styles.  A great issue to have - I have a copy and love it.  Click on the cover and go enter the drawing.

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