Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where Do Animals Go When It Rains? by Janet Crown - children's book. review

Where Do Animals Go When It Rains?

by Janet Crown
Illustrated by Daron Rosenberg

Where do the Animals Go When it Rains? is a cute little picture book that answers a few questions about some animals and what they do while it rains.  I'm sure many young children have wondered about this in their childhood.

It's charming in it's simplicity - told in rhyme, with some cartoon style pictures to accompany the text.  The verse mentions birds, squirrels, horses, bears and a few others.  Even frogs - who apparently LOVE it when it rains, being that they love the wet.  :)

I would recommend this especially for preschoolers, as it's short enough to hold their attention. Rhyme always seems to hold certain charm for that age and the cartoon pictures will be attractive to them.  The verse is simple enough for that age, not overwhelmingly poetic.  I also think it would be a quick, fun read for the five or six year old - especially those who are just learning to read on their own.

I'm taking my Kindle to work tomorrow to let some of our day care (afterschool day care) children take a look at this, and try to read it.  All of our kindergartners are reading pretty much on their own now.

The illustrations are fun - I've already mentioned that they are cartoon style.  They remind me of some of those cartoons such as Cinderella, where the birds and animals have a bit of a cute expression on their faces, (no clothes though! *g*) with nice bright colors.  The positions and expressions on the various animals give them a bit of personality that will catch the attention of the young listener/reader.

If anyone is working in the preschool setting, Kindergarten or even has young ones at home, this would be an fun addition to a class library.  I can see this being included in lesson planning for a preschool - seasons, weather, animals.

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