Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Monday, and Mommy's day is now over...

Mommies are everywhere, raising little ones, hopefully to be good elders.  It was a nice day yesterday.  My mom flew in from Panama (the one in Central America; the country, not the city) Was treated to a sandwich from a place called Ike's Place.  Ike's Place has a store in San Francisco, and was infamous long lines - as well as their bomb-ass (my son's term) sandwiches.  The place in my city (where they've expanded to) is a beautiful bright almost cobalt blue, with red trim.  
isn't that beautiful?  I LOVE  bright buildings.  I personally think that more businesses and/or homes should be brightly painted.  Celebrate life, celebrate your home....celebrate with color...but I'm getting away from subject.  Ike's place  - we went in to order.  And the young man at the counter hesitantly asked if I was Lil Larry's mother.  I kind of laughed (wondering if he had offended a few women asking this), smiled and said yes.  He then said that when someone brings their mom in to buy a sandwich, Ike's pays for the sandwich.  And - the not only did this, but the guy applied the free sandwich to the most expensive sandwich - not the cheapest, as most places would do.  How nice is this? They have some expensive sandwiches,  so I was impressed.  And it takes a lot to impress an old broad like me.  ;)
We went home, watched the tail end of Raising Arizona (the ONE movie where Nicolas Cage actually sounded normal during his acting, or rather, actually was a good actor!) while we ate our sandwiches.  One Ike's Place sandwich is enough to feed two people - so we actually both ate half of our sandwiches, while watching one of the few movies where Nicolas Cage sounded like a good actor.  Fun Times.  Then we went to...

My brother's house where my mom was visiting from Panama.  When I walked in, music was already on, Liliana was in the kitchen with my brother and they were dancing.  We had toasts, and then the music was jammin' louder, and we were in the kitchen dancing again!  Which is what we did last weekend.  We had a combo memorial, b-day celebration (my husband is born on Cinco De Mayo) and Coach-winnin-trophy night.  Which translated to Tequila shots, margaritas and lots of dancing!  Great times!  Nothing like a party with hispanic people - the dancing kicks ass!

So we partied a bit - yet made sure this week that we wound it down a bit earlier than last week.  Last monday was a little hard on me.  Tonight I'll make sure I get more sleep, plus we kept to champagne.  :)
I hope everyone had a nice day - My day was pretty awesome.

Okay - back to bookish items...

Hosted by Sheila of Book Journey, it's time for It's Monday, What Are You Reading? I'm pretty sure that most book bloggers already know about this, but in case....  We visit each other's blogs and see what we've been reading, what we've finished reading and in some cases what we're planning to read.  With me, the planning to read never, ever works out, so I usually skip that part.  Hell, even the current read usually end up changing...

Last week, or week before - when I didn't post.  I finished Nothing.  At all.  I started a book - decided to read something completely different and was happy to find a book I haven't read in a long, long time.  And I ended up very disappointed.  I loved it the first time I read it.  This time....I think I'm too old, or have been through to much to enjoy it much.  Didn't finish it.  Put it aside.  I want to impress on others, that the writing isn't what got to me.  Rather it was the whole young girl romance thing, and the young hardened but hurting knight who couldn't trust the young bride, because of a traumatic happening...etc.  The writing is good, the narration was good.  The dialogue totally fit the characters.  AND I remember reading one of Kurland's recent novels written a few years ago, and enjoying the hell out of it.  So I think it's just that this particular character was way too young and innocent for my current self to enjoy.  I'm still game for trying one of Kurland's more recent novels.

 Wow - according to my records, I haven't finished anything at all in May.... Until this past week.

Last week I finished a young adult novel written by a woman I never heard of before.  When I finished the book, I looked up the name of the author and found out she's written quite a few books - one of them I had noticed before. One of them is a children's picture book called - ready? - Troll Teacher.  Wow, the name itself makes me want to read it.  I read the excerpt and...Now I want to buy it for my grandchildren.  One who is close to the end of her first ever year of school (kindergarden) and the other who is in preschool and will start kindergarden next year.  

The one novel finished was Deadly Pink by Vivian Vande Velde.  A young girl is called upon to enter a virtual reality game.  Her sister works for the Rassmussen Corp, developer of this game, and her sister has suddenly lost her grip and decided to stay in the reality game. Of course, no one can get her out, she's messed with the protocols, and there's a real possibility of her dying if she stays in the game.  So little sister is called upon to save bigger sister - the sister who's always been there for her, who's the one every one looks up to, the sister who is so smart.

I did read a children's book that I also quickly reviewed.  Part of a series of books, Bella and Harry are a pair of chihuahua puppies who visit cities around the world with their family.  The book I read was Bella and Harry Let's Visit Instanbul by Lisa Manzione.  Cute way to teach a little of culture, food, and geography.  The book was fun.  The website also had lots to offer. 

That's it.  Only one novel, and one picture book was finished this week.  I've started a couple of other novels, but haven't gotten very far, and I keep jumping back and forth.

What I've been working on reading (ugh - reading shouldn't be WORK, let's rephrase this)  What I've been reading:

I started Roil by Trent Jamieson - started to really get into it, and now I can't FIND it.  :(  Was really enjoying it also - very different from what I've been reading...
So I started The Dead of Winter by Lee Collins.  This is the first of a series.  I had recently accidentally picked up the second in the series, and was a bit irritated - but found the first.  Started it...and was feeling a bit...down, so because of the rather dark subject matter, I picked up another book.  But still have my eyes on this one, still pick it up here and there....

Next is Dead Reckoning (Sookie #11) by Charlaine Harris.  I almost gave up on this series, but after reading how everyone enjoyed this novel, I decided to give it a try.  So far so good.  There was a wonderful fight between Pam and Eric.  Good fight - so I have hopes for this novel.  And there's only a couple more books in the series.  The last novel has already been released. (I think) Or soon will be.  Weird to think the series is coming to an end...but it's good to end a series while everyone is still enjoying the series.

Last, but not least, is the first of the Rain Wilds Chronicles, The Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb.  I've read her Live Ship Traders trilogy - excellent novels with amazing world building.  These seem to be related, told from the people living up the Rain Wilds river....the people who have special abilities...and from what I was able to read so far, this novel is going to be just as good as the other series I read.  Unfortunately.....I also misplaced this novel. Soooo...I hope I find it soon.  because lately, it's been hard for me to find a book that I'm interested in or can focus on.  

It's possible that I might have to put aside ALL the novels and concentrate on some of the e-books that have been piling up in my Kindle Fire!  That'll be fun, and then...arhive.  

Well, it's now very late.  My neck is bothering me, headache is forming and I have visit the bedroom - try to get some sleep!  And work tomorrow....ugh - shudders!
Buenas Noches, Todos


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome Mother's Day. I had a decent one, hubby let me buy some books on amazon as a present and did the dishes. I know we're real party animals. lol. Looks like you have some good reads though. :)

    1. Always fun to pick out your own books - then you know you get the right ones, yes?

      Relaxing and reading sounds fun to me. :) This was actually the busiest Mother's day I've had in quite a while. :)

  2. Aww glad you had a wonderful Mama's day, I did too. I love brightly coloured businesses and Ike's sounds like a great place, how sweet to do that. I've got to get back to the Sookie series now that the final book is out lol, I think I'm only up to book 7. Cute kids book, our fur baby is Bella, I should read these to her hahaha
    Have a great week and happy reading :)

    1. LOL - I love brightly colored buildings in general - wish my house was a bright color!

      I've actually been having a bit of trouble sticking with this Sookie book - it's starting out kind of slow....

      Hope your fur baby was sweet to you on Mother's day!

  3. Hope you find the Robin Hobb book - it is a great read! :)

    1. Me too - I enjoyed the other novels by her I've read, the Liveship Traders. Those were great. :)

  4. That husky is so sweet, how can you resist those eyes? Hope you enjoyed your reading this week. I STILL have to read the Sookie series. Here's my Monday Post if you'd like to stop by.

    1. LOL - I wouldn't be able to resist! our dogs are all over our beds....and my old dog has taken over our ottoman. We have to put a sheet on it, and he is the only dog that sleeps on it. We no longer can sit on it. When people come over and we put a new cover on it, he stresses out when people sit on the ottoman. Keeps walking over to them, puts his weight from one foot to the other, whines a bit and STARES at the offender. Then they end up scooting over and sharing with him....(spoiled dog). sigh. Dogs. They are supposedly submissive, but they manage to get their way quite a bit. lol