Thursday, May 30, 2013

Master Chef 2013 - Auditions....what fun.

I love this shoe - although I don't always understand the chefs' criteria for judging.  It's not always consistent.  Sometime they talk about people putting themselves into the dish, other times they seem to put in the weirdest people - almost as if it's simply for the sake of drama on the set.  Out of the blue one of the most "stern" judges escorts a participant outside the room to announce to waiting family members that the guy gets an apron (advances in the competition).

popcorn, cashews, lobster and caramel  - lobster crackerjacks - one of the dishes.  Was this a ploy?  the nuttiest sounding dish to stand out? Not a good sounding mix.  Oddly enough, the judges didn't ridicule this as much as I would have expected.  John's dish actually wins him a spot in the competition...  (ewww)

This week was one of the first of the actual cooking challenges - and Ramsey starts the night out with a real lamb, scaring the participants into thinking they're going to cook the wee lamb  (ahhh- tricked you didn't he, competitors?  That Ramsey - such a rogue.)  Then he lets out about a million lambs to mill amongst the competitors.  Pissing and shitting and baahing...(one lady baaaahed back).  It's all showmanship.  He's TALKING to them, about the competition and kitchens WHILE the sheep are bleating and pissing all around them....then suddenly, they cut back to the people and the lambs are ALL gone!  Where did they go so suddenly?  (how about some sequencing in the editing, people!)

The Lamb Thing
They have 60 minutes to shop from a variety of lamb cuts and other foods and create a lamb dish.  

I like how the chefs visit the cooks, instilling a lack of confidence with their questions.  "Why are you choosing this dish?"
"Really, you're sure you want to use that spice?"
and then talk smack about the cooks while they're cooking.
They're also pointing out a few of the good cooks.

And then they start eliminating cooks during the first cooking challenge.  Before the competitors have even finished their dishes....Some of them are eliminated for technical mistakes...I wish they would detail the mistakes.

The remaining chefs are separated into two groups.  One entire group is sent home - about 20 people sent home in one swoop.

Eight people weren't put in any group - and their dishes are brought forward for tasting since the judges were undecided about them.

Eight are left to decide on, they taste their dishes two at a time and one advances...  but then...
the last two - a surprise!
both go through.
Oh Ramsey - you're so tricky! 

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