Thursday, April 4, 2013

What IS it about these t.v. commercials? they pick the best songs

It's all about the music tonight.  One way or another.  Whether you get to see the video on this very page, or you have to click on a link courtesy of youtube internet spiez, (spys, spies) or the little embedded download works - OR if it's just about captioned pics of cats dancing...
Music!  It's good for the soul.

I know I'm basically showing commercials and therefore helping the big cheese corporations...
OMG - what a great song, and what a great imagery
by the way - the song is Run, by Kill It Kid.
{full version below}

Another song I discovered from a t.v. commercial - I think it was for a web browser - is Alex Clare's Too Close.
One night my grandson and I watched it five times in a row - he loves the ninja-esque fencing/fighting that was going on.
especially when they one guy turns slo mo in mid air.  Great stuff.

A lot of times, the powers that be do not let the videos remain on posts, so you might have to click a link to you tube to watch, but it's a cool video - in case you haven't yet seen/heard the video.
Enough free publicity for corporations for now.  
Though, I'm lovin' the music.

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