Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Monday, and.....Well, It's another Monday

It's bad enough when we get sick...but when kids get sick, it's hard to watch.  I'm not talking a simple cold, but the kind of sick where a normally bouncing off the walls type of kid is layin around, listless.  The kid who normally eats us out of house and home when he's with us had no appetite.  Between the sick, the fevers, and the sore throat he's skinnier than ever.  His mom had him for the first part of the sickness, and then it was daddy's turn.  He spends weekends with Dad and us.  Happily, by his second day here, he was making a comeback.  Even though his energy burned out quickly - he did play a little.  And he wanted to eat something besides popsicles for the first time in almost a week.  He couldn't eat very much - stomach probably shrunk but he ate.  then he went to bed early.  On the mend.  His dad and mom took good care of him.  It's different experiencing this as a grandparent.  You're worried about the kid, but not the main caretaker, so the pressure is different.
Good thing is, by Sunday morning, he was feeling more himself.  Voice was still a little off, but I got a nice hug good bye from him, nice and strong.

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This week, I actually read three books!  Three! but just barely three.  Feels good to finish more than one.  And one of the was pretty Kick Ass.  Actually - all are very good in different ways....


Clean by Alex Hughes.
a telepath who is trying to hold down a job while  fighting an addiction finds himself trying to protect a partner who seems to hate him, while trying to solve a string of odd murders, attend NA meetings and deal with the distrust of the whole police force - all while being able to read thoughts.  (that's gotta be awkward, yes?) It's set in the future - and has an easy SciFi feel, low on tech explanations.

American Vampire by Jennifer Armintrout
A narcissistic vampire finds himself stuck in a town that no one can get out of.  Unfortunately, there's another being that just might be 'higher in the food chain' than he is...and the townspeople are a little stressed out.

The Burn Zone by James K Decker
there are these beings from outerspace, who have accidently landed on a building, or more (killing over a million people).  In apology, they have been providing the country with tech - improving human lives....or are they?  As part of the deal, some people are paid to act as surrogate parents to Haan babies. A huge amount of food resources are spent on the Haan, leaving the humans on food rationing. One surrogate suddenly has her life turned inside out when her military father is arrested for treason.  
Current Reads
I've just barely finished reading The Burn Zone, so I haven't settled on the next book yet...
But some possibilities are...


  1. He's adorable - glad your grandson is feeling better. Hope you enjoy your reads this week.

    Tanya Patrice

    1. Thanks - he is pretty special. Has a baby brother that he adores. his mom says he is always giving the baby kisses and hugs. And the baby totally responds to him, kicks his feet and vocalizes a lot with him. It's fun to watch. For us mom/granma types, anyway. probably boring as hell to anyone else! ;)

  2. Aww I hate it when the kids get sick, glad to hear your little guy is on the mend. Looks like a good reading week though. Enjoy!

    My Monday

    1. of my most inspired reading weeks. And I'm also happy so see some life in the kid. He was easily tired though today, after a school interview. After an illness like that, it'll take some time to get back to normal - thanks.

  3. Some interesting choices - Midnight Riot and Midnight Blue Light Special are both on my to-read list.

    Here's What I'm Reading this week.

    1. Have you read Moon over Soho? or Rivers of London as it's known in the UK? Great book. I'm already behind in Ben Aaronovich's series. Midnight Blue Light Special is also a second book, enjoyed the first one quite a bit.

  4. It's not fun watching sick kids, glad you're little grandson is on the road to recovery. Thanks for the reminder, I'm only up to book 7 or 8 in the Sookie series, I do want to finish this series. I also read 3 books last week, it sure was a 'novel' feeling!
    Happy reading :)

    1. LOL! great pun!

      three books for me when I'm not on vacation is unheard of lately.

      And I'm so happy my granson was feeling better too. Good thing, because today was his appoint with the teachers. Pre kindergarden interview for the two teachers to "test" him and interview his mom, talk to him a little. See which teacher is a better fit for him. I like that they do this in our school. They look for not only ability, and current knowledge - but personality. so the kids end up with a teacher who's personality meshes better. I love that idea, after having a few kids hate school because of the teacher they ended up with.

      I almost didn't buy the Sookie novel. Was bored with Dead in the Family - but I hear this one is much better.

  5. I've seen Clean here and there on blogs and there are lots of positive comments. Very intriguing.