Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My mini rant about intolerance and hate...(I'm horrible at titles)

I keep getting this notices about people sharing their google thingies with me...and I don't know if I'm sharing with them.  And then I hear about Google Reader shutting down soon, and I am not sure if it will even impact me since I use Blogspot,  But then again,  I had to have a google account to sign up for blogger, and it seems to be related to Google - so it's entirely possible that I will be impacted...but maybe not.  ?  see? I'm confused.
That's small potatoes though compared to today's news.  My son JUST moved to Boston to be with his girlfriend.  So naturally, we hear about the bombings in Boston and couldn't get through to our son right away.  Of course.  Because whenever there's any issue, then all the cell phone networks are tied up, because we're all trying to call friends and family to see if they're all right.  Thank god my son was fine, a few miles from the blast.  But his girlfriend works in a huge office building just under a block away, so she was pretty shook up.  My heart goes out to those killed and injured in the blasts and hope to god authorities found all the other bombs.  
I wish that people would just live and let live.  This continued attacking of each other is intolerable.  We have idiots who are afraid that if gay people get the right to be married that it will somehow impact their own family situations (which is sooo ridiculous) and then we have these other idiots who think the way to a better world is by killing people who aren't in their belief system.  I know I'm over simplifying but it all boils down to one thing.
If it's marriage equality, freedom of religion, the right to live and let live - it's all the same.  One person's way of life is not going to ruin yours unless they are actively trying to change you.
It starts at home.  If you are tolerant without being judgemental, you will bring up people who are tolerant of others.
If you hate everything that is different than you, you are danger of teaching that hate to your children, which is making it more and more possible to bring up terrorists.
I'm not talking about disagreeing with different lifestyles.  It's okay to disagree.
It's not okay to oppress or hate or attempt to change other people's lifestyles.
The discouraging thing is that I'm sure that a lot of people who are readers and bloggers are already more tolerant than the people that need to take in a message like this.  It seems that people who have so much hate in their hearts spend a lot of energy hating and not as much energy exploring the world around them whether it's by books, traveling or just talking to others....
I hope the world gets better.

Well - back to blogger things...
On second thought.....no.  This does not belong on a post about happy things and books, reading etc....
So I'm ending this post with a wish.
I wish that we could live in a world with less hate and violence.
More love and tolerance.
You don't have to like everyone's lifestyles and religions...
But you do need to let others live just as you would want others to let you live as you choose.
As long as you aren't hurting others.


  1. Yeah, I don't know what's going on with the Google Reader thing either, just playing it by ear. Glad to hear your son was okay, and agreed on the sentiments...more tolerance. It'd be a much better world if only we'd use our words, ears, and hearts, you know?

    1. "It'd be a much better world if only we'd use our words, ears, and hearts, you know?"

      It sure would. We try to teach this from Kindergarden on in the schools, and in our homes a lot of us teach acceptance from babyhood on...but somewhere the lesson becomes diluted with a lot of hate ... and it's a damned shame.

      Google Reader: I'm going to have to wait and see on this, also. Since everything I've read makes NO sense to me. "_