Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Meme - Why Haven't I Read You?

I just read a post with a fun new bookish meme. 

 The weekly Wednesday meme is titled 'Why Haven't I Read You?' Amy of A Simple Love of Reading has posted this meme - she pulls a book from her shelf that she hasn't yet read and posts the opening lines of the novel.  This sounds good to me - sounds fun, and might just jumpstart some more reading of older novels that have been languishing on my shelves...

My pick for my first time at this meme is by an author that I've been reading ever since her first Women of the Otherworld books came out.  She started a young adult series, I read the first one because I enjoyed her adult novels, then I bought the second....then the third.... And never read them.  Now she is nearing the end of the series (I think); in fact, the series has morphed into a few trilogies that are set in the same world, but each trilogy has different characters....I'm now sadly far behind in reading this no doubt excellent series....
by Kelley Armstrong
**being the second of a series, this might contain minor spoilers for those who have not yet read any Darkest Powers books.  However, this particular book has been out for quite a while.  I bought my copy in 2009**

'     When the door to my cell clicked open, the first thought that flitted through my doped-up brain was that Liz had changed her mind and come back.  But ghosts don't open doors.  They will, on occasion, ask me to open one, so I can raise and interrogate the zombies of supernaturals killed by a mad scientist, but they never need one opened for themselves.
     I sat up in bed and rubbed my bleary eyes, blinking away the lingering fog of the sedative.  For a moment, the door stayed open only a crack.  I slid from the bed, tiptoeing across the thick carpet of my fake hotel room, praying the person on the other side had been called away and I could escape before these people started whatever experiments they'd brought me here to--
     "Hello, Chloe."  Dr. Davidoff beamed his best kindly-old-man smile as he pushed the door wide.  He wasn't that old-maybe fifty-but in a movie, I'd cast him as the doddering absentminded scientist.  It was an act I'm sure he'd worked on until he got it just right.            '

See?  There is no good reason for me not to have read this by now.  The narrative is good and I believe that the only issue I had with Armstrong's work as a whole, is that at times this young teen's narrative, or inner voice, sounded just a tad too .... grown up.  Grown up in a business or teacher way of sounding, or words.  But this was mild, very mild, especially when compared to the excellent writing style, plots, dialogue, and everything else that Armstrong puts into a novel.  On the whole, her characters have always been fun, varied, and believable.  

So.....I believe that after I finish my current book, I ought to just sit myself down and finish not only The Awakening, but also - The Reckoning, which is the third in this trilogy featuring Chloe Saunders, Derek and a few others that I have to remember.  Then if I'm still enjoying...there's always the second trilogy in the teen otherworld - featuring Maya...
If you have never, ever read this series, you can visit the Harper teen site and read multiple chapters for free before you buy... just click on book covers below for a quick trip.
The other books in the first trilogy are The Summoning (#1) and The Reckoning (#2).


#6 out April 2013
Second trilogy (Darkness Rising)

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