Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Monday.... and Happy St. Paddy Day

I was feeling pretty sick last night by the end of my post - I didn't even really finish.  So after the second LOL Cat/dog pic, I'm adding in what I left out last night.  What I'm currently reading.. ;)

Hope everyone had a nice day Sunday - whether you celebrate St. Paddy day or not, it's a fun day, and it's been a nice week with a preview of Spring!

Of course now it's past Saint Patrick's Day, but it's a Monday, so time for It's Monday, What Are You Reading?.  That always fun book meme hosted by Miz Sheila  of Book Journey.  And now that I've procrastinated, watching t.v., reading a bit, and watching t.v. some more.  This particular post might be short and quick, because I suddenly feel sickish... 

I took care of a sick grandchild this Saturday.  She spent the night Friday night, felt feverish Saturday morning, had a fever all day and night and was magically better by Sunday morning.  Kids can bounce back so fast, and yet get sick so quick.   Let's see how it goes...

This past week I managed to finish reading Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore.  It's a good read, all around.  The main character did get taken surprises a few times too many....oh - that was a minor spoiler.  Sorry guys, but not enough to delete. :)  It's a very minor spoiler.                                               
It's still a good book, though.  good story line, narration and world building...

time for me to sleep now, especially since I've been typing totally random letters, etc.  Don't know what I'm going to type next, I've already had to correct/delete words and letters, five times.  Time to stop~  later, y'alls!
I might  come back and re-post or edit this later - meantime - take care

Current Reads 
I recently took part in a newish book blogger meme titled :
Why Haven't I Read You Yet? and hosted by A Simple Love Of Reading.  I found a book by Kelley Armstrong that I've had languishing on my shelves for an insane amount of years...not months, not a year, not even two years.....YEARS.

That is one of the books I'll be reading this week - The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong.  It's Young Adult, but I've always enjoyed Armstrong's adult novels, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to like this one.
click on cover for link to excerpt.  (I LOVE excerpts, and by association, love authors who post links to excerpts on their blogs)

The other book that I've just started (this does not include the MILLIONS of books I've started in my usual b.a.d.d. fashion) is by Jennifer Armintrout called American Vampire.  it's weird, it's different.  I like it so far.

There it is, my missing piece of the Monday Post.
I am fighting off a cold today, and luckily for me it's during my Spring Break - so don't have to mess around with the confusing call in system...
Okay - people, Happy spring, Happy life, and Happy Reading to all

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