Tuesday, March 5, 2013

American Idol - the women sang tonight

1 Zoanette

ouch - not her night for singing, voice was missing notes and wobbly....

2 Breanna Steer

WOW- hell of a voice, sounded great

3 Aubrey Cleland
sounded great

4 Janelle Arthur

excellent - amazing!  Old style country, Patsy Cline level.  I think she's one of the best singers of the women.

5 Tenna Torres

good voice, but that dress distracted me.  look like two orange boobs with blue nipples

6 Angie Miller
hmmm, good singer but her voice is.....I don't like her voice at times

7 Amber Holcomb
an amazing singing style - boring song (boring for me)

8 Kree Harrison
another great singer - kind of country style.

9 Adrianna Latonio

amazing talent and voice - but her song was boring at the beginning, which ended up making her sound a bit boring until the song picked up enough to show off her voice.

10 Candace Glover

another amazing talented singer.  One of the best singers tonight.

out of ten contestants, 9 of them sounded like they could already be on records...they are amazing singers.  The other one....I don't know if it wasn't her night or what, but the minute she started singing, I was cringing for her.  Ouch. 

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