Friday, February 8, 2013

Magic For A Price by Devon Monk - review

Magic For A Price
Devon Monk
Allie Beckstrom #9 (final)
urban fantasy

cover - I have loved most of the covers; even though a few of them portrayed Allie as a bit anorexic looking when in reality she would have more muscle to her frame from all the walking and fighting that she does...  This one is also nice, but I miss the magic markings that are a huge part of her story. Can't see them all.  The rest of the cover is pretty cool though.

From the first novel to the very last, I have unashamedly loved each book from this series.  The narration is always good, the dialogue between characters is believable, and the premise of the series is great fun.  The over all story arc was worked very well. 

This last novel of Allie's story is just as enjoyable as all the rest.  There was one moment though - that just sounded a bit.....too much.  You'll know it when you read it.  Allie is the ONLY one who can do this certain thing, and people who have years of experience are suddenly willing to follow her because she is the one.....I get it.  I understand the reasoning, but for a small moment there, it was just a bit too much.  Then I let it go and enjoyed the rest of the story - because even Allie alluded in the narrative that it was kind of weird.  So it was a moment - and it passed.

Reading the last of a series one enjoys very much is always kind of bittersweet, and when I do read the final novel, I usually have a hard time focusing on it, staying with it toward the end.  Probably 'cause I don't really want to get to the end.  But it's good that authors know when it's time to put a series to rest, and even though Allie's story is ending, Ms Monk is planning another series featuring two of the more interesting side characters of Allie's story.

Many questions were answered in this final book - reasons for Allie's memory losses, all her blank spots.  There was one thing I remembered alluded to in another book, and that was the possibility that Allie and Zayvion might have known each other before, or had a relationship that she didn't remember.  There is quite a twist, regarding her past relationships - one I totally didn't see coming.  Good twist.

All in all, Devon Monk put together a hell of a good series, one that entertained from book one through the final book.  I am looking forward to this next series with Shame and Terric - all along I've enjoyed Shame's snarky dialogue.  Terric is interesting, but Shame's logic and actions were some of the most interesting things in the series.

Not much more to say - it was a great final novel with terrific and horrendous final fight, lots of mayhem and chaos with the characters just barely pulling through.  Great reading, glad I read the series.

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