Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Monday and I'm Baaaack

It's been a strange couple of weeks for me.  Haven't been feeling 100%, but then, I usually don't.  Winters are hard for me.  After coughing for over a month, I finally actually came down with a cold, which then seemed to turn into a lung infection.  After a few days of fever, cough syrup and antibiotics I'm feeling a little better.  wrung out, sides are aching from the coughing - but it seems like I'm getting a little better.  Looking forward to getting even better - last antibiotic is tomorrow, doc put me on this five day course. 
Anyway - missed last week's Monday Meme; doesn't really matter, didn't read anything that week anyway.  It's been a weird few weeks for me for reading.  Finally became interested enough in a book to finish.  Can't even say it was really an interest thing, because a lot of the books I have here are good books, by authors I like to read, but for some reason, I just had a very hard time focusing on any one book long enough to finish it. 

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila of Book Journey.  We visit each other sites, share what we've read, what we're currently reading and sometimes what we're thinking of reading. 
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This past week, finished one book and got about halfway through another book.

The Book I Read
(drum roll)
Black Blade Blues by J.A. Pitts
a woman who works two jobs, one as a black smith, the other as a props manager for a film company has some issues.
1 - new relationship issues
2 - her relationship is with another woman, and she feels major guilt for being gay
3 - ever since she fixed this sword that broke, she's been unreasonably angry, losing control
4 - this guy keeps wanting her to kill a dragon, only he just sounds crazy
5 - all hell breaks loose

Not so sure what I thought about the book - the plot was good...

After finishing it I went right into

Steel's Edge by Ilona Andrews
I love the stories in this series.  And the setting.  There's the Broken (that's where average folks live), The Edge - which has some magic and some strange families, wonderfully strange families; and the Weird, where the most magic is, along with a whole cast of nobles and not so noble people.  This is the fourth novel in the series, possibly the last - hopefully not.  
Steel's Edge features Richard Mar of the Edge and Charlotte de Ney of the Weird.  They meet, join together to fight slavers and begin their own story.

I haven't been inspired lately to make new LOL Catz so I'm posting some of my favorites from the site.


  1. Being unwell can really cramp your reading. Hope you've turned the corner and feel heaps better soon! The Edge series is on my TBR mountain, glad you're enjoying it. Happy reading :)

    1. I just have LOVED each book by the Andrews duo that I've ever read. They have a (at the risk of gushing) magical way with words, the books just flow.

  2. Love the LOL Cat pic :-) And I do hope you feel better soon.

    Tanya Patrice

    1. I love cat pics - they're so funny and are great for laughs. I think I'm beginning to feel better - it's just the older I get the longer it seems to take to recuperate. :(

      Oh well, at least the doc prescribed cough med and antibiotics, so they should be helping. any time now....soon. ;)

  3. I've noticed that I, too, am having a harder time engaging with some of my books. Last week, however, two of the four were totally captivating.

    Hope you feel better soon. Here's MY MONDAY MEMES POST

    1. Sometimes you have to wade through some ho hum books before you get to the Oh WoW books, right? ;)