Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's Monday and getting closer to winter break - aka Christmas Vacation

Lately I haven't been reading a lot - but I did manage this week to finish a book - which I thought I was going to finish in two days.  It's been a busy week though, the week of one of my sons' birthday, a couple of days in the middle of the week where we had my grandson for a couple days since his mom was in hospital having a baby, (we got to go see baby, very cool) and then we had my granddaughter this weekend.  My granddaughter went Christmas shopping with me - this year shopping was for only one child, and she helped me pick out presents for her cousin, my grandson.  I already had ordered her present online, so I guess that means I'm done shopping.  I always try to buy presents for the grandchildren to give to each other, and have them wrap them.  Then I try to have at least one thing for them to give their moms, since I think moms should get presents from their kids even if the present is a teeny tiny flower.  Just so they can pick it out, wrap it and think about their mommy on Christmas and Mother's day.
My granddaughter tried very hard to make me tell her what I bought for her, even tried to pull the angry card, then the sad card.  Didn't work.  I told her she shouldn't make me sad by taking away the surprise from me to her.  Seemed to work, she then focused on something else.  I did buy two little polly pocket Disney characters for her, but I told her they were for me.  I tend to collect little toys, so she thought it was totally reasonable that they were for me.  I am going to have Elliott decide if he wants to give it to her or not though.  And I think we're going to find a present for his new baby brother.  We don't have any claims on him, since he's no relation other than being my grandson's baby brother, but when the father handed the baby to me to hold, he did introduce me to the baby as one of his grandmas, which was very generous of him. I love babies, and wouldn't mind being considered one of the grandmas.  I'm not expecting visitation rights, but if they want to share time with the baby and me, I'm all for it.
Back to the reading...

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?  is hosted by Sheila of Book Journey.  One of my favorite bloggy memes around, we go list what we've been reading, share via Mr. Linky at Book Journey and visit other blogs.  It's a good way to find new reads, get a feel for what people are reading.

The one book I managed to finish reading was Steel's Edge, of the Edge series by Ilona Andrews.  From a few things I've read, this might be the end of the series, at least in print from.  I did read a comment from Gordon Andrews (part of the writing team) that said they might continue the series with a few stories in e-book form - which would be great, since I have really enjoyed this series even with the Romancy twist.  Even though they do a bit of the romance in this series, it's not overdone - rather it's a part of the story, with a scene or two of some intense sex, but the whole tone of the book IS NOT all "oh god, this man is so hawt", or the girl is "so sexy, my manhood is harder than steel" etc.  Nope, these books have a good plot, good dialogue, good twists and great stories to tell, with some sex in it - but not the focus.  I'm not sure why people who love UF have complained about them being too romance tinged, they're nothing like some of the UF out there that should be classified as Romance.  Good novels, with good stories.
Currently reading - 

many, many books but a lot of them I've misplaced or am not in the mood to finish.  I might read a book I ordered used (finances are ROUGH right now, so I have to go the used route with some novels, especially with new novels that I haven't experienced writing styles of yet).  I just received a copy of Across the Universe by Beth Revis.  It's supposed to be a SciFi novel, but might also has a bit of romance in the plot - I think.  

Another book I've started this week (off and on reading, can't seem to be doing much more than off and on reading lately) is Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan.  To tell the truth, I don't even remember buying this book.  Seriously.  I'm beginning to wonder about my brain - menopause seems to make people forgetful, it's doing a number on me at least.  The first two chapters are very interesting.  Teeth appear in a woman's yard.  Not just teeth, but huge teeth sticking out from the lawn.  That's just the start... ahem.  The website for the book is pretty cool - there's a section for the characters, a playlist (seems to be a popular feature for books now, a playlist the author either listens to or envisions for the book.  Not sure if I'm a fan or not, but I could totally get into it if it were on screen.  I'm not against it, though. How can anyone actually be against music, anyway? And it's a nice way to explore new music - new to me - or to actually place a name for the songs I might have already heard)'s so hard for me to sleep on Sunday nights, because I know they lead to Monday.  heehee.
Not a fan of Mondays...Friday, now!  That's my day, though my favorite is Saturday!  Love Saturdays.


  1. Hi and Merry Christmas! I hear Across the Universe is supposed to be good. Hopeful at least. Anyway I love that cat :)

    Here is my take Jackie's Bookbytes

    1. I've read about four chapters, and so far it's interesting. But then I also got ineterested in the other book - Blood and Feathers, so it's a toss up which one I'll end up finishing.

      Both cats are so tired and wasted looking. :)

  2. Ha ha, I often have that feeling too - where, when did I get this book? Or the other one, where you're in a bookshop and see an interesting book, then pause and wonder, wait, do I have this already? ;)

    I have a copy of Across the Universe too - I think you're right, it's like romance in space. I never know for sure until I've read a book, what genre it is.

    Love the cover of Blood and Feathers, and the little tidbit you shared makes me want to look into it more. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week. :)

    Giraffe Days

    1. oh - yes, I've definitely had that other feeling - did I buy this or not? Then I decide to wait, and can't find it...but the next time I go to the store it seems so familiar that I'm sure I bought it...then I come home and it's not there. And then I have ended up with two copies of the same book.

      The worst is when a publisher re-releases a book with a different cover, making me think it's a new book. I've fallen for that before. Now I check the copyright date on the inside. Sneaky bastards, ;)

  3. I'm not a fan of Monday's either! I love your that you buy gifts for grandkids to give to their mothers and siblings/family, that is so sweet.
    I hope you find a book you can finish this week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. The gift thing is a holdover from when my own kids wanted to get each other presents, but we were poor, so they either gave something of their's or ended up buying something very small for each other, with mom's help of course. ;)

      I continue it because I like for them to be able to think of someone besides themselves - to think about giving to their cousin (only the grandson has a sibling now, and he's a brandnew sibling - one week old today)

  4. Aww that's a sweet gift giving tradition. I only finished one book last week and the ending made it a total bummer!! Across the Universe is still on my TBR stacks, maybe it'll get read in 2013 lol
    Anyway have a good week and happy reading :)