Monday, November 19, 2012

Late Monday Post

Sigh....I would love a tattoo like this.  I'm not too old, am I?  hint, older than 50, younger than 55.  Not sure how great it would work on a back with spinal stenosis....but at least when I'm 80 my possibly then bent and twisted back will have pretties on it!  assuming I'm ever able to have this done. :)
Picture from Inked and Sexy (Facebook)

from Tattoo Wishes to Book Meme...
It's Monday, What Are You Reading? is hosted by Sheila of Book Journey.  I haven't been very good at participating in this - it's been a rough few weeks for me.  But this past week I did pretty good at reading

I read Coyote by Allen Steele.  A very good, very readable SciFi with just a little bit of Science Jargon, enough to tell you what's going on with a spaceship, or politics, but not crazy with the info dumps.  So refreshing.  It's in the future, the America has split up into at least two countries (maybe three), there's been revolution and one of the countries has formed into a totalitarian type of country.  Citizens are spied on, dissidents rounded up and sent to reeducation centers, it's a mess.  So a respected pilot, son in law to a senator, and others hi-jack a spacecraft that was funded by this government and slated to go to a far away planet that they've named Coyote.  This is a good book, I enjoyed it.

Then I went right into The Wild Ways by Tanya Huff.  This is a sequel to The Emporium.  There's this family, The Gales, who are "rooted in the earth" with their magic.  The world bends to their needs and some of them have some pretty strong powers.  Wild Ways features Charlie (Charlotte) who is a wild power - someone who can go either way on the good vs evil scale, only she's mainly interested in playing her music - which also happens to be a medium for her magic.  On tour, she ends up in the middle of a selkie/seal vs oil industry controversy and sh-- hits the fan.  I love the way Tanya Huff writes about this family, especially the younger Gale cousin, Jack, who just happens to be another wild power and a Dragon Prince.  Great reading.  Huff also writes about Vampires (Smoke and Ashes and The Blood Price series), SciFi (Valor series), and fantasy (The Keeper series, as well as other fantasy)  This woman is a hell of a writer.

Then, I went to a book that's been sitting on my shelf for a couple of years. 2009, can you believe it?  I can.  I'm like that.  Anyway, I'm not sure why I wait like this - I really enjoy this series by Meljean Brook - The Guardian Series.  The book I had here was Demon Forged, the story of Irena and Alejandro, a mix of urban fantasy and romance.  This romance is one that waited four hundred years (The Patience, the stubborness!).  Like the others in the series, The Guardians fight against demons, nephilim, and nosferatu.  It's a long story arc, with each book featuring a couple.  Even though the sex can be hot and heavy at times, it's not the complete focus of the book, there's lots of pages of actual story and the sex is part of the couples' story, so it works rather than ending up contrived and overwhelming. Irena has a gift with metals, and Alejandro has a fire gift, both of which come in quite handy.
I'm at least three books behind in this series, and have a complete other series of hers to find - her steampunk, which I would love to get a hold of.

Current reading:

Ghosts & Echoes by Lyn Benedict aka Lane Robbins.  This is yet another novel that has been sitting on my shelf for way too long, waiting for me to read.  It's the second of a series, and I even have the third waiting here.  Talk about procrastination!  This one is from 2010.

Time for an LOL Cat ;)


  1. I say, get the tattoo. You only live once!

    I am getting my first tat hopefully in the next 6 months, finances willing. Remind me and I will send you a photo of the design.

    1. Would love to. either on my back or my leg. Have to save some money for it first though. It'll be a treat - from me to me. ;)