Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My guilty pleasure - Nashville "Fade Into You"

I love this voice - Scarlett & Gunnar
** The account I first shared the Fade Into You video from - which was on YouTube - has been terminated, so I've deleted that particular clip and shared two other clips.  One is from the Nashville's official site, complete with a share button, so it should be okay.  The other is from YouTube, who know's how long it'll be okay to post.  But it has the lyrics.
And just in case, you can go to the Nashville site and watch the video there.**

I usually get my videos to share by clicking the share button on YouTube, and I'm assuming I'm not doing anything wrong.  Not sure how the people on YouTube end up getting in trouble for posting music - I don't even pretend to understand, I just bumble along.

So Enjoy, while you can - it's a great song

I looked for an original song, but all I could find with the name Fade Into You was Mazzy Star's song, which sounds different and has different lyrics...
is there yet another Fade Into You?
Either Or - I like both songs, and both (all) singers


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    1. Thanks! I'm not very consistant with my posting, but there's times I don't feel like I have anything interesting to say. LOL - childhood extreme shyness which has moved into an adult shyness (though that's gotten better with working around children)

  2. It's actually an original song written for the show by Trevor Rosen, Shane McAnally, and Matt Jenkins. I think it's beautiful!