Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Monday and Oh Boy...I got nothin...

well, actually.... week before I managed to read some, so it's not a total loss  :)
and can you spot the mistake? (on the pic)

Hah!  Think that's an innocent little kitty?
It's already a hunter...maybe even a zombie hunter....

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Sheila of Book Journey.  After a successful (to me, anyway) week of reading, my reading in the past week had a sharp decline.  The decline went all the way down to zero.  Yep.  A big fat zero.  You win some and you lose some (so they say, anyway).  Some days (weeks) are better than others.  It'll all balance out in the end (end of WHAT?).  So I'll just keep that in mind and just continue on with my life - reading or not reading, as the case may be.  And hope for the best.  I am, at least, enjoying some funny t.v. shows, Dancing with The Stars, and visiting with the two microorganisms that are my grandchildren.  Visits with my granddaughter has decreased since she started Kindergarden.  Where we used to get her every single weekend, now we're lucky to get her Friday Nights once a month. :(  turns out her parents (mommy, especially) have been missing her while she goes to school - especially since she's been sleeping earlier.  I have to push to get her for one night - so I have to be content with that. It's a good thing that I end up with her once in a while - and the positive spin on this is that she's so excited to be with us, that we get some of her best behaviour.  Always a positive, right?Thank goodness I get my grandson every single weekend - so far - and I even get some solo time with him. :)
That's life though - ever changing.
On to the bookish stuff.

Books read last week ....  zero

Books that I'm reading...
I'm currently going back and forth between two novels.
Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield

But - the week before....Now that's where I got some reading done...
Books Read the week before last week (10/15 to 10/21)
I was on a SciFi kick.  I was obsessing over the SciFi.  I read
Saltation - comes between Fledgling and Ghost Ship (Theo's story of becoming a pilot).  Theo attends an elite piloting school and ends up with a job as a courier - first, school isn't what she thought it would be, and second - there's a ship that's been stalking her.....
Agent of Change & Carpe Diem - both from the Omnibus titled The Agent Gambit.  These two stories involve Theo's brother and his wife, the story of how they meet and become a pair though at first it's debatable if either are going to let the other live (spy and mercenary stuff).  In Carpe Diem the two have escaped death and end up on a planet that hasn't even acheived space travel, much less heard of other planets and planetary travel.  
Three Science Fiction novels by the writing team of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; who also happen to be married, to each other. 
I am really liking the books written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller - but after a few weeks of Sci Fi, I'm probably going to focus on Aftertime....or will I?


  1. No reading? I hope the coming week will be better! I'm reading less than before but still manage 3 books per week.

    Pity you don't see you granddaughter so often now. It's good that she gets weekends with her parents, though. And it's extra special when you do see her!

    Have a good week!

    1. Man, I now think that three books a week is an amazing number! I used to read four or more back in the bad ol days. ;) Now I'm lucky to get one finished, haha

      I agree the time is extra special with my granddaughter when she comes over now. However - I do get to see her for about five minutes everyday at lunchtime. She goes to the school I work at, and I do lunch duty. I also do library, so I read to her classs and she's so good about being independant from grandma during library time. She's growing up sooooo fast. :)

  2. Aren't you loving the Dancing With the Stars All-Star season? I am a huge Kelly Monaco fan (I love GH!!!), but everyone else is pretty good, too!

    Hope you get some reading in this week!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

    1. I'm totally loving the Dancin with Stars season. I wish Carson had got picked, I voted for him. Did you see the episode when he did a dance with the male dancers? so cute.
      I like this season, but I only know who a few of the stars are- like Kirsty Alley, Emmett Smith, the skater guy- Apollo (only because I saw him on the winter olympics) and the handsome guy that used to be on the Brothers and Sisters show. Still don't know his name! :)

      I'm trying to read - though I am also beta reading a story - it's a pretty interesting story that I hope will be out soon. They author does e-books. I don't know the etiquette on beta reading unpublished stories and mentioning them, so I never mention the authors or books unless they specifically tell me it's okay to type about.

      We'll see what the week brings - hopefully some book time. ;)